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(Inside Story (5)

Mu Yuchen did not explain. Instead, he grinned mysteriously.

Ah Mo found something interesting in Australia. Im sure he knows that I cant leave here for a little while. Contact him and tell him to return to France once hes done there. They need to stand their ground there.

Instead of replying Mu Yuchen, Su Chen started,I heard from Xiaye that the perpetrator was trying to frame her, and you

A helpless expression surfaced on his face. Im not letting her bear this burden. It isnt my intention to involve her in this. Blocking her in the tunnel, and the accident at the wedding Those were all warnings and provocations for me.

Its great that Xiaye and you love each other, but with Wang Qins death, Im afraid Qi Lei If he really does believe you did it, that just means hes a fool. Theres no point being friends with him anymore! Su Chen frowned.

Mu Yuchen smiled. Qi Lei isnt that stupid. I have high hopes for him. Im sure part of the intention behind this incident was to sever our trust, but thats not the main purpose. Glory World and Fuhua are working together to get South River Project No. 2. Our opponent is Qi Kai. They cant afford to let us get the project, thats one. Secondly, it should be because of Lingtian. I could sense that Ah Mo would give us some very important information.

How are you so sure? Su Chen asked as he frowned.

Ah Mo has been working beside me for many years. I know how he works very well. Hed report to me almost every day whenever I sent him to work abroad, but this time around, he hasnt contacted me for several days. However, Lingshi frequently calls her sister-in-law, so they should be getting close to Lingshi.

Mu Yuchen suddenly thought of something. He looked at Su Chen as his eyes were tinted with slight loneliness. Please get them some white lilies when you go and visit them tomorrow. Assure Xiaye that Im fine and Ill be able to get out after a while. Tell her to take good care of herself. He sounded a little livelier.

Su Chen stared at him for a while before nodding, Alright, Ill go according to your plan. Dont worry about your company. Zimo will do his best. Li Si and I will be sure to find the killer.

Mu Yuchen took a deep breath and closed his eyes once again, and Su Chen patted his shoulder as he stood up. Dont worry, Brother! Wait for another few days!

Su Chen then left.

This incident was too huge to hide from Shen Yue. Lan Zilang quickly informed him right after he signed the contract with the buyer.

Shen Yue was stunned for a moment, but he quickly calmed down.

After going through so much in his life, Shen Yue was level-headed. He gave it some thought before saying to Lan Zilang, Hows Xiaye doing? She didnt even call when such a thing happened, did she?

Lan Zilang seemed worried. Elder CEO, Ms. Xiaye is probably very busy. Take a look at Glory Worlds shares on the Internet. I also heard Wang Qin passed away last night, and Chairman Mu was detained. It sounds terrible! Werent they busy preparing the documents to be submitted to the government? Alas, this has happened at such a critical time! What should we do? He was worried sick, and it all showed on his face.

Shen Yue hesitated for a moment before saying, Dont worry about it for now. Stay put and see what happens next. Do not use the funds we just got from selling the land. Well see how Glory World does. We might need to help if they arent doing well.

Yes, Elder CEO! Regarding the South River Project Lan Zilang asked.

The South River project? I wont let Qi Qiming get this so easily! Raise the prices of our lands around the area. At the same time, release news that Im going to purchase the land there at a high price. Thats the core location for South River Project No. 2, a property of Hua Heng Property. That old man, Hua Heng, is a long-time friend of mine. He should be grateful that Im doing him a favor!

Lan Zilangs eyes brightened up as he smiled admirably. As expected of Elder CEO! I almost forgot about it! CEO Hua intended to sell the land a long time ago. However, the government couldnt offer him a price he liked, so the government instead threw this responsibility to the bidding companies. They are trying to use our network and connections. At the same time, they can spend less effort on it. If we get that plot of land, our chances of winning are much higher. Even if we fail to bid for the project, Qi Kai will need to spend a fortune for it!

Shen Yue nodded. Get this done as soon as possible. Also, find out what the situation is on Xiayes end.

Yes, Elder CEO! Lan Zilang left quietly after a brief reply to Shen Yue.

The entrance to Glory World was flooded with reporters early in the morning. Li Si arranged for many security guards and barely managed to stop them at the parking outside of the entrance. It was noon when Xi Xiaye returned to the company.

Xi Xiaye visited Qi Leis place after she left the police station, but Qi Lei refused to meet anyone. Even Yang Sheng had to stand by outside. Xi Xiaye could not do anything, so she went back to Glory World.

When she arrived at her office, Xiao Mei came over and told her that CEO Zhou was here.

It was Zhou Zimo!

Xi Xiaye then remembered Su Chens words from before. She was exhausted from the stress and pressure she was facing, thus she seemed a little out of herself when she met Zhou Zimo.

I got the gist of what happened. Su Chen called me and said hes doing well inside. Hes just a little worried about you. He told you not to worry and that hell be out in a few days. Go rest. Leave the company to Vice President Zhang and the rest. Ill help as much as possible.

Zhou Zimos eyes were filled with concern. That man wont fall so easily. Have some faith in him.



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