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My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 38

Sweet walked over to the bar and asked Angel for a pen to write message to YB:

YB, Chaos is in trouble and we need to talk. Something happened the other night that you need to hear about it. I’ll be in the VIP room with Bobby and you know I can’t talk to you directly because people is watching me. So please meet me in the room with Bobby so I can put you up on the 411.

She folded the napkin and passed it to Bobby. “Be subtle wit’ it, please, Bobby.”

“I got you, Sweet. But are you in some kind of trouble?” he asked.

“It’s out of your hands, baby. But you do me this solid and I’ll be good to you by returning the favor,” she coaxed.

Bobby smiled.

Sweet walked off and allowed time for Bobby to walk over to YB who was still lingering at the bar getting his drink on. The last time he’d seen or spoken to his cousin was at the rib shack. YB had a lot on his mind and he planned to get with Magic and talk a bit more. At the moment, though, he wanted to chill for a moment and maybe get up with Chaos if she was around. Seeing that she wasn’t working that night frustrated him.

He took another swig from his beer and watched the basketball game playing on the television. Bobby walked slowly toward YB and felt his heart racing because he knew about YB’s reputation. Bobby lived a normal life and had always tried to stay away from the gangsters and thugs. It wasn’t his character. He loved the women, but hated that some of them came attached to some ruthless dudes.

Bobby stood by YB and, at first, neither man acknowledged the other. YB glanced at Bobby and figured him for a sucker because of the way he dressed and his nervous demeanor. He paid him no mind and continued to watch the Philadelphia 76ers play the Miami Heat.

Bobby took a deep breath, got his wits together, and hurriedly slid the napkin in YB’s direction. “Sweet told me to give you this. It’s important.”

YB looked at Bobby. “Nigga, what?”

“It’s for you.”

Bobby felt his hands getting clammy. YB glared at Bobby for a short moment but took the note and read it.

“When she give you this?” YB asked.

“Just now.”

YB turned to look for Sweet and saw her standing by the VIP entrance. Bobby walked away, relieved that his job was done. He couldn’t wait for his reward and walked over to Sweet with a giant smile on his face. Sweet smiled back and said, “We good?”

Bobby nodded. He followed Sweet into the VIP room, paying the bouncer $25 for the use of the room.

YB hesitated and then followed the two down the narrow hallway. He watched Sweet lead Bobby into the last back room. The bouncer had no problem with YB knowing his reputation and how close he was to Magic. He let YB pass through without hassle or payment.

YB moved down the long corridor with the napkin crushed in his fist. He got to the last door and already heard the sounds of sex coming from the room. He pulled back the long, dark curtain that blocked any outside view from the corridor and saw Sweet getting fucked, doggy-style.

Bobby jumped at seeing YB sudden presence in the entryway and slid out of Sweet. Sweet didn’t notice and was glad to see that YB showed up.

“Sweet, what the fuck is up?” Bobby asked, as he quickly pulled up his jeans.

“Yo, what’s this shit about, Sweet?” YB asked, ignoring Bobby.

Bobby looked on nervously. Sweet turned to Bobby and said, “Give us a quick moment.”

“Sweet, are you serious? You promised me this favor,” Bobby retorted.

“I know, Bobby; just wait out in the hallway for a moment. This is really important,” Sweet said.

Bobby sucked his teeth but knew it was best for him to wait while Sweet and YB talked. Reluctantly, he left the room and gave the two some privacy.

YB looked at Sweet and held up the crumpled napkin message. “What’s this shit about?”

“Crown beat on Chaos the other night, real bad. He was mad that that she was talkin’ to you by the bar,” Sweet said to him.

“He did what?”

“He’s out of control, YB. I mean, you should have seen her. He got her on house arrest and we can’t continue to live like this wit’ him.” Sweet took a deep breath. “We need your help, YB. Chaos and I, we came up wit’ a plan.”

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