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 My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 37

“Nah, I mean, it ain’t nuthin’, Crown. I just like lookin’ at her, that’s all. She’s cool people.”

“Well, don’t expect to see the bitch up in here anytime soon. I got Casper takin’ her place for the moment. And don’t be in my business, Angel. You fuckin’ hear me?”

Angel nodded. “I meant no disrespect to you, Crown.”

“Yeah, you know better.”

Angel swallowed his pride and went back to tending the bar. From a distance, Magic kept his eye on Crown, making sure none of his bullshit was taking place in his club. Magic knew that despite their differences, business was still business.

Crown continued to get his drink on and eyed Casper, who was onstage with Cherish. Both women were butt naked and working the crowd and getting that money. Crown showed a slight smile and nodded his head. Casper was definitely learning the business quickly and bringing him in some serious paper. Niggas were always going to love new pussy, and they were ready to wait on line for it. Casper already had four VIPs waiting for her when she stepped off the stage.

While Crown was at the bar, Sweet was working a trick near the back. She grinded and rubbed up against him, feeling his erection grow through his sweatpants. She made sure to keep an eye out for her Daddy and Cherish; one fuckup from her and Cherish would run to tell Crown about it and Crown would be ready to punish her.

Sweet thought about her pregnancy. She truly didn’t know who the father of her baby was, but that was the least of her worries. She knew that within a few weeks she would definitely be showing and that there would be no way to explain it to Crown.

She bent over and clutched a chair in front of her. Her trick slid her thong to the side and inserted two fingers. Even though she was uncomfortable, Sweet allowed him to finger-fuck her. T-Pain’s “I’m in Luv Wit’ a Stripper” blared in her ears.

All of Crown’s girls were working hard for him, and Crown felt content. He glanced at his watch and saw that it was midnight. He wanted to drive by the crib and check on Chaos and Toy-T. He nodded at Cherish and she understood that she was to hold his stable down like always. He took a last swig of cognac and left the club feeling at ease with Cherish in charge of his chicks.

Cherish continued to work the thirsty and lustful crowd of men that crowded the stage. She rolled around on the platform, spreading her thighs and showing off pussy. Casper twirled her naked frame around the long pole, cupping her tits and staring intensely into the crowd that was mesmerized by her performances.

By one-thirty, YB walked into the club and Sweet smiled to herself. She had changed into sexy, knee-high boots with a skimpy ruffle skirt and a string bikini top that barely covered her tits. She knew that she needed to speak to YB, but with Cherish around and other eyes watching, she had to be discreet about it. She had to get word to YB indirectly about Chaos somehow.

YB went straight to the bar, ordered a Corona, and glanced around the place. He looked around for Chaos but saw her nowhere around. He thought about what Magic said to him earlier. The part about him probably being under investigation bothered him. YB knew that if Magic said it, chances were it was probably true. Magic had connects in many places.

Sweet scanned the bar and smiled when she saw Bobby coming out the bathroom. She sashayed through the crowd and kept her eyes on him. He was one of the few true sweethearts in the place and that she could trust.

Bobby noticed Sweet coming his way, her eyes glued to his. He swallowed a hard lump of nervousness and took a sip of beer. He took note of Sweet’s attire and couldn’t help drooling a bit. Even with the tattoos and piercings the bitch still was sexy in her own, freakish way.

Sweet reached Bobby’s side and ran her hand down his chest, letting it rest against his crotch. She squeezed gently, causing Bobby to let a moan of pleasure escape his lips. They had fucked once before; Sweet had pussy so good that it probably could stop a nigga’s heart. She wasn’t Chaos, but she was her runner-up.

“Hey Bobby,” Sweet said in a teasing whisper. “Let me get a VIP wit’ you.”

“Damn, Sweet, I ain’t got but a hundred dollars on me. You know I would love too but a nigga short on that paper.”

Sweet glanced at YB and knew that time was not on her side. She turned her attention back to Bobby and said, “I like you Bobby.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, so this is what I’m gonna do for you. I’ll fuck you for fifty dollars and I’ll reimburse you for the room, if you do me this one favor.”

Bobby felt excited about fucking her for only fifty dollars. He knew it was the best agreement that he ever had. He smiled and asked, “What you need from me, Sweet?”

“I need for you to pass someone a message for me.”

“To who?”


“Him? Why?” Bobby asked.

“’Cause I got peoples watching me, and you know that him and Crown got beef. But all you need to do is pass him a note that I’m gonna give to you.”

Bobby sighed because he didn’t want to get in the middle of YB and Crown’s beef, but then he looked over Sweet from head to toe and his dick started to do all the reasoning for him. “So for fifty bucks you got me, right?”

Sweet nodded. “This is really important for me, Bobby.”



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