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 My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 36

He was rubbing his dick through his jeans and had the look of a horny animal.

“Excuse me?” Chaos replied with a look of bewilderment.

“I’m sayin’, let’s you and me have some fun first.” Toy-T said. He stepped farther into the room and closed the door behind him.

Chaos kept her face blank, knowing what to expect from the young pervert. She stood near her bed and watched Toy-T unzip his jeans.

“I’m supposed to work tonight, not fuck for free,” she told him.

“Bitch, you work for me too and what’s Crown’s is mine,” he retorted. He stood in front her and slowly cupped her tits and began groping her ass. “You know I love me an older bitch.”

Toy-T was a pussy-craving nigga. Chaos and Sweet were the only chicks he hadn’t fucked yet. He got to the new girl Casper because her mind was already brainwashed. Cherish took the initiative in fucking him because he was kin to Crown and Cherish was just a chickenhead like that.

Toy-T had always had his eye on Chaos. She was the only one he had a strong yearning for. Girls came and went over the years and Toy-T ran through most of them. Chaos, for some reason, was hard to get and she was one of Crown’s favorites.

“Chill, bitch, and let me get this,” he said calmly as he continued to fondle Chaos.

Chaos closed her eyes and even though it wasn’t anything new to her, she felt violated. The nigga was only seventeen, wasn’t paying for it, and he treated her like she was shit. She felt that she had to go along with Toy-T’s lust for her because one bad word to Crown and she would have to endure Crown’s violent abuse again. She feared going down into that basement.

Toy-T began sucking on her neck and ran his hand in between her thighs, grabbing her pussy. She was far from wet and his breath stank. It felt like she was with an octopus because the nigga’s hands were everywhere. Suddenly, Toy-T pushed her down on the bed, on her back. He chuckled and pulled down his jeans and boxers.

Chaos was somewhat relieved that he wasn’t blessed in the jeans like Crown. Toy-T was small. He was already hard and only about five inches and looked like a short #2 pencil.

Toy-T stroked what he tried to call a dick and said, “C’mere. I want you to suck my dick.”

Chaos positioned herself in front of him. She tried gripping his tiny erection the best she could and slowly began sucking his dick. Toy-T moaned at the feeling of her thick, glossy lips wrapped around his short dick. He grabbed the back of her head and said, “Damn, I wanted this. You feel so good.”

Shortly thereafter, he pushed Chaos back down on the bed and stepped completely out of his jeans. He was about to climb on top of her and do his business but Chaos told him to get a condom. Toy-T was against it.

“I want to feel that pussy raw, yo,” Toy-T exclaimed.

“If I get pregnant you know there’ gonna be hell to pay with Crown,” Chaos said to him.

Toy-T tried to roll on a Magnum but it was baggy. He climbed between Chaos’s thick thighs and pushed himself into her with the loose condom. Chaos felt nothing as he fucked her but Toy-T was having the time of his life. He thrust into her while sucking on her nipples and kissing her neck. A minute later, it was all over. He came, pulled out, and fell over on his back. Chaos wanted to laugh but she started to cry. She felt like this nigga treated her like a bathroom and took a huge shit on her. It was one thing to turn tricks in the club and on the streets, but to have kin of Crown fuck her like he owned her took her someplace that she didn’t want to be. She hated to admit it to herself, but she was nothing but a sperm catcher and a piece of meat. Crown talked all that shit about everyone being family and her being beautiful and well taken care of, but by the end of the day, it was all bullshit. She was nothing but his property; slavery wasn’t over for her yet.

Toy-T got out of bed and put his jeans back on. He looked over at Chaos and said, “Bitch, hurry up and get dressed. I got my niggas Jumbo and Danny coming by to do some business wit’ you. Crown said to charge them niggas two hundred a pop.”

Toy-T smiled and felt very satisfied. He knew her pussy was good even though it was over quickly. He knew that he was the shit.

Chaos sat up, dried away her tears, and reached for her skirt. She now understood that it was now or never for her and Sweet to finally leave the house. They had come up with a plan to get back at Crown but needed YB’s help to make it happen. They needed a nigga like YB who wasn’t scared of Crown or Harlem to pull off what they had in mind.

Chaos was finally tired of her life. And now that Sweet was pregnant, it was a do-or-die situation for both ladies.


Magic’s spot was jumping, as usual. The money was flowing and the atmosphere was lively. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. Crown had his chicks getting back to business like nothing ever happened with him or Magic. Magic gave Crown a second chance to do business in his spot and the five-thousand in cash Crown gave to Magic for an apology was more than reconciliation.

Crown stood by the bar drinking cognac and talking to Angel like they were old friends.

“Where’s Chaos?” Angel asked. He was definitely worried about her because the last time he saw her, Crown was beating her like there was no tomorrow.

Crown downed the last of his drink and replied, “I put that bitch on house arrest. I had to show that bitch, Angel.”

Angel showed a counterfeit smile. “She a’ight, though?”

Crown shot him a puzzled look. “Nigga, she still’s able to make me my muthafuckin’ money, a’ight? What you so concerned about that ho for, anyway?”

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