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 My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 35

Sweet was dressed for the night in a flimsy ruffled skirt set that showed more skin than clothing and clear stilettos. Crown had them going out to make money for him, but Chaos was still on house arrest.

A week had passed since the YB incident and Chaos’s beating. Both ladies were keeping Sweet’s pregnancy a secret until they felt the time was right. Chaos was healing from her wounds and turning tricks in the bedroom, while the other ladies left at night and returned in the wee hours of the morning.

It was a balmy Saturday evening and Sweet strutted out of the house with the rest of the girls toward the parked Escalade in the driveway. Cherish guided them to the ride like they were a herd.

“C’mon! Y’all bitches hurry the fuck up so we can get to the club and make our Daddy this money,” she shouted.

Before Sweet got into the truck, she lo

oked up at the window of Chaos’s bedroom and felt some sorrow that she had been confined in the house for over a week as if she was young child.

“Sweet! You deaf, bitch? Get in the fuckin’ truck!” Cherish screamed.

Sweet jumped into the truck and squeezed next to the new girl, Casper. Crown walked out the house with the usual cigar clutched between his fingers. He wore a black Nike velour sweat suit with white trim and fresh new Adidas sneakers. Cherish had braided his hair earlier, and it gave him a thuggish look.

Before Crown got into the truck, he pulled out his cell phone and called Harlem. “Yo, we on our way over to Magic’s spot. He said it was cool to come back down and have my chicks work his club. But I want you around the area, just in case shit pops off ugly.”

“A’ight. Ain’t no thang,” Harlem replied.

Crown hung up, got into the truck, and drove off. He left Toy-T in charge to watch over Chaos. He’d advised his cousin, “If that bitch tries to try you, you get ugly on that bitch. Work that ho tonight, Toy-T.” Crown took one last pull from the cigar and tossed it out the window.

Toy-T was a young pimp in training and Crown passed his bitch off to him to learn for the night. Toy-T nodded with a cunning smile.

Chaos looked out the bedroom window at the Escalade pulling out the driveway. She let out a tense sigh and sat on the bed. She knew Crown left Toy-T in the house to watch over her and she hated to be alone with him. Toy-T was a pervert and an asshole and she felt very uncomfortable around him. She looked at the time and saw that it was fifteen minutes after ten. She sat around in some black coochie-cutting shorts and a loose T-shirt with her hair pulled back into a long ponytail.

For a moment, Chaos thought about being back home in the Bronx again and thought about what some of her peoples were probably up to. It had been two years since she left and she knew a lot had probably changed. Then her mind drifted to YB. For a long while, she yearned to feel his touch and wondered what it would be like to fuck him. She wanted to be with him physically and she dreamed about YB being her knight and rescue her from the evil dragon—Crown—that had her locked up in the tower. But then Chaos snapped back to reality. She knew that she was far from being a princess and her world was no fairytale. She was only twenty years old, but in the past two years, it felt like she aged thirty years. She had experienced things that no other twenty-year-old girl should see. The nickname that her mother gave her at birth fit her life perfectly; her life was chaos.

Chaos sat back against the bed with tears trickling down her face. Her back was healing a lot and she had managed to stay on Crown’s good side for the week, mostly doing what she was told and making money for her pimp even though she was on house arrest.

She sat alone for a half hour thinking to herself and enjoying the solitude. She walked over to the window again and peered out at the quiet, tree-lined street. Even though the place looked like paradise, she knew it was far from it. The house was decorated for a family but only sex, pain, and misery existed there. Crown had tricks coming in and out of the house on the regular and the neighbors ignored his illegal action with the girls. They feared him and knew it was best to keep out of the man’s business.

Chaos continued to stare out the window until she heard, “Bitch, you need to hurry up and change.”

She turned to see Toy-T staring at her with a lustful smile. He was shirtless, exposing his bird-looking chest. A tattoo of a skeleton and two guns graced the right side of his chest. He was slim, about 5’9”, and looked like a punk, but everyone respected him because he was Crown’s cousin.

“Bitch, Crown left me in charge of you for the night and we need to have some fun. I called up some of my peoples, so let’s get this night poppin’,” Toy-T continued.

He remained standing in the doorway, undressing Chaos with his eyes. She was quiet for a moment, feeling her heart racing. “Nigga, can I change in private?” she snapped.

Toy-T smiled. “Nah, bitch, you don’t get that privilege. I gotta see what you’re workin’ with.”

Chaos let out an aggravated sigh.

“Bitch, I know you ain’t tryin’ to catch no attitude up in here! Don’t forget where the fuck you at. Now hurry up and get dressed so my niggas can spend some money up in here.”

Chaos knew that it was no point in talking to the young, dumb nigga. Even though she was uncomfortable changing clothes in front of him she had no choice. Besides, it wasn’t like niggas never saw her naked. She stood and quickly pulled her T-shirt over her head. Her perfectly sized tits came into full view and Toy-T licked his lips. She unbuckled and unzipped her shorts and pulled them down, showing him that she had no panties on.

Toy-T’s dick started to harden. Chaos had the body of a goddess with her trimmed mound, thin waistline and phat ass.

“You happy?” Chaos said to him sarcastically.

Toy-T just stared at her, thinking about pussy.

Chaos went over to one of her drawers and removed some clothes. She knew that when turning tricks, it would be easier to put on something that had easy access to the pussy.

She tossed a skimpy denim skirt and a tight white T-shirt onto the bed. She wouldn’t be wearing any panties or a bra. Chaos was about to put on the skirt when Toy-T said, “Nah, don’t do that yet.”


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