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My Dirty Hot Angel 

Episode 30

“That muthafucka,” Sweet muttered in a low tone, making sure no one else heard. “He ain’t have to beat you like this. I mean, all you did was talk to YB briefly. It ain’t like you been fuckin’ the nigga for free or somethin’.”

Sweet continued to gently rub the ointment on Chaos’s back. Chaos cringed in pain at contact with some of the wounds.

“You okay, Chaos?”

“I’ll be better,” she replied.

“I know he don’t expect you to work tonight?”

“He put me on house arrest. Said he gonna keep me indoors until he feels he can trust me again.”

Sweet looked around to make sure no one was listening in on their conversation. “It was that bitch Cherish that told Crown about you and YB talkin’ at the bar.”

Chaos let out a deep sigh. She never trusted or liked Cherish because she always made it known to the other women that she was his bottom bitch and she was quick to get a bitch in trouble with Crown just to score some extra points with him. Chaos knew that bitch needed a serious beat down, but now was not the time for Chaos to give it to her.

Sweet said, “Remember what you said before, about leaving here and doin’ for ourselves?”

Chaos nodded.

“Well, I’ve been thinking: maybe you were right. Maybe we need to leave this muthafucka and just do our own thang. I mean, we both know the game, so why we can’t pimp ourselves and keep our own fuckin’ paper? After seeing what happened to you last night, I think we ain’t safe here no more, Chaos. Crown might just end up killing one of us, and you know how his temper is.”

Chaos didn’t respond, but she definitely was listening. Sweet continued to talk while tending to her sore back. She looked at the time and saw that it on one in the afternoon.

“What you think, Chaos? We need to do sumthin,” Sweet said.

“What about Harlem? You know if we run, he’ll send that nigga out after us,” Chaos pointed out.

“I know. I’ve been thinking about him, too. What about your boyfriend, YB? Maybe he can help out with our escape.”

“Boyfriend?” Chaos chuckled. It was the first laugh she had since the beating. “I don’t know, Sweet. If we were caught, I’d hate to think what Crown would do to us. Look at me, and all I did was just talk to YB.”

Chaos was scared. Crown definitely put fear in her heart last night and was making her think twice about crossing him. She also knew that she probably wouldn’t last too long being under Crown’s wicked wing.

“I care for you, Chaos, and I know that this shit can’t go on,” Sweet began. “You remember when I told you that I was used to Crown’s abuse and that I’ve dealt wit’ worse? I lied. Crown is the worst. I’m just scared of being on my own. I never had nothing in my life, and living here felt like I had somethin’, Chaos. Shit, I’m only twenty years old and feel like an ol’ hag in this bitch. I need to leave here, Chaos. I need to go.”

Chaos turned slowly and looked Sweet in the eye. “What’s goin’ on wit’ you, Sweet? Why you sounding like that for? I mean, you ain’t doin’ shit wrong. You making your ends fo’ sure, so what you so worried about? I’m the one he beat last night.”

Sweet took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant, Chaos.”

Chaos was shocked. “You’re what?”

“I’m pregnant. I missed my friend last month so I snuck and took a home pregnancy test. It tested positive, fo’ sure.”

“Oh my God, Sweet.”

“I know if Crown finds out, he’s going to beat this baby outta me. I’m scared. I can’t have this baby.”

“Sweet, relax. You know who the father is?”

“I don’t know. Probably some trick I fucked that got a li’l too carried away and he came in me,” Sweet replied dryly.

All of a sudden, Chaos’s problem was like a traffic ticket compared to Sweet’s. Both ladies knew that if Crown found out, he would be furious. He always told his chicks to strap up and don’t get pregnant. If a bitch got pregnant by a trick, then Crown saw that as a loss of business and he reprimanded a bitch harshly for loss of business.

“A’ight, don’t panic, Sweet. We’re gonna figure somethin’ out. You know how far along you are?”

“No. I haven’t been to a doctor.”

“A’ight. I figure you’re probably about a month or two. So that means we got a li’l time before you start showing. This is kept between you and me so we gonna work somethin’ out. I got you, girl,” Chaos said supportively.


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