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 My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 29

Chaos slowly stood, shaken and weak by the abuse she endured. She undressed in a similar manner due to the pain.

“Bitch, you better hurry the fuck up and get naked before you make me really fuckin’ mad up in this bitch,” Crown warned her.

Chaos quickly came out of her panties and bra and stood butt naked in front of Crown with tears streaming down her cheeks. She shivered and prepared herself for the worst.

Crown smirked and looked at Chaos like she was a piece of meat. She was definitely a money maker for him with the body she had.

“C’mere, bitch.” Crown pulled Chaos toward his special area for bitches who misbehaved.

He handcuffed her to a huge steel pipe and positioned her in the doggy-style position, which left her body open for more abuse. Chaos continued to plead with him and attempted to say that she was sorry, but Crown loved the way she begged for his forgiveness. It made him feel powerful and wanted.

“Bitch, you gonna learn! Oh, you’re definitely gonna learn tonight.” Crown removed his belt.

Chaos was so scared that she felt faint. Tears continued to flow down her pain-stricken face and her naked body quivered.

Crown gripped the thick leather belt and admired her form and backside for a moment. It was making him hard, but before there could be pleasure he needed to let loose some pain.

He raised the belt and swung down across Chaos’s exposed back fast and hard like a bolt of lightning. Chaos screamed loudly. Crown hit her with the belt again and her body flinched. Her tears of anguish continued to flow.

“Bitch, when I tell you to do somethin’, you fuckin’ do it! It ain’t gotta be like this, Chaos. You hear me, bitch?” Crown hit her again.

Her back developed bleeding welts, but Crown didn’t stop. He took it a step further and got right behind her, pulled down his slacks and showed her how hard he was. He pushed himself into Chaos and she cried out. Even as Crown fucked her from the back, he continued to strike her with the belt. He loved this form of punishment. It was his sick way of keeping his chicks in control.


Chaos’s painfully loud cries echoed throughout the house. It was something that the ladies were used to hearing. They hated to hear anyone cry like that, knowing that it could easily have been one of them—except for Cherish. She smiled when she heard Chaos being beaten and abused by Crown. It made her feel like the queen bee bitch of the house.

Sweet sat at the top of the staircase and cried for her friend. It was painful to hear, but there was nothing she could do. Every cry that Chaos made caused Sweet to cringe with sorrow.

“Bitch, what you doin’ out here?” Cherish asked as she crept up behind Sweet.

“I’m just chillin’,” Sweet replied.

“Bitch, I know you ain’t being nosey. You tryin’ to hear Crown’s business? You feelin’ sorry for your friend?” Cherish mocked.

“I’m just chillin’, Cherish.”

“Well, go and chill your ass in the bedroom and get ready to make some money for Crown tonight unless you want next downstairs with him. You want me to tell him about you, too? You want me to tell him that you’re disobeying him by not gettin’ ready because you’re tryin’ to be nosey, bitch? ”

“No, I’m good.” Sweet rose from her seat on the stairs.

“You better be good, bitch. Remember, I’m his bottom bitch in this crib, and y’all bitches better not forget that.”

“Nah, Cherish, I know. I didn’t forget.” Sweet looked Cherish in the eyes and could have killed her for telling Crown about Chaos’s earlier chat with YB.

Sweet walked into her room and took a deep breath. She thought about what Chaos had said to her before—about being a prisoner to Crown and leaving for something better. Sweet didn’t have Chaos’s ambition, and she felt that she had nothin

g left but to turn tricks for Crown. She wasn’t the flyest chick on the block and she had only completed the ninth grade. She felt stuck and was scared to leave what she knew best for something that was unknown. She might end up worse off than she was. Sweet wasn’t qualified to do shit other than prostitute and didn’t have a supportive family to have her back. With Chaos being her best friend and Crown providing her a home and a way of living, she felt that she finally had a family.

Hearing the beating that Chaos received from Crown also made her think otherwise. Was it worth it? Sweet asked herself. She sat on her bed and leaned back against the headboard with a pillow clutched tightly to her chest. Tears of sorrow and pain poured out for her friend.

“It’s goin’ going to be a’ight, Chaos. We’ll get through it, baby girl. I promise. We’ll get through this,” she said out loud to herself.


The sun shined into the bedrooms of the women after a rough and brutal night of turning tricks and hearing Chaos’s pain and suffering. Chaos lay in bed on her stomach, trying to recuperate from the hour-long beating from the night before. Her back looked as if she had been whipped by her overseer. The many welts that covered her olive skin were caked with blood and she was still emotionally scarred. Crown had beaten her before, but never this severely. He looked like a possessed man during the abuse.

She still cried at times, but with Sweet nursing her, Chaos felt a little more at ease. Sweet nursed her wounds gently by tending to it with a warm, wet cloth and Bactine ointment.


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