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My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 28

“Magic, don’t fuckin’ lie to me. Where the fuck are his chicks then?”

“Rufus, don’t be stupid. The nigga ain’t here. I kicked him and his chicks out about an hour ago.”

Rufus looked around the spot. He searched for any familiar face that belonged to Crown but saw none. He knew that he just missed that nigga and was upset with himself.

“You happy now, nigga?” Magic snapped. “I told you they ain’t fuckin’ here.”

Rufus lowered the gun and said, “You see that nigga Crown or Harlem, you let ’em know they’re dead men walking.”

“Get the fuck outta here, Rufus!” Magic barked.

Rufus smirked. “This was no disrespect to you, Magic, but if I was you, I’d keep them niggas outta your club.”

“Get the fuck outta here,” Magic repeated unkindly.

Rufus left, followed by his goons. Magic stood outside his spot and watched them leave. When they were gone he got on his cell phone and dialed YB’s number. He left YB a message: “If you value your life, or your cousin’s, you call me back ASAP, muthafucka.”


Crown parked his truck in his driveway and was still furious about what went down tonight at Magic’s. He had his flock of hoes in the back and was upset that he lost out on making money for the night. He turned off the engine and looked at Cherish, who sat in the passenger seat. “Get these bitches into the house and take Chaos down into my room in the basement.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Cherish replied.

She got out of the Escalade and ushered the girls out of the car and into the house.

Crown followed, smoking his cigar with a scowl. He had definitely shown his true colors in Magic’s club tonight, and he knew that the business relationship he had with Magic was either strained or completely dissolved.

He pushed those thoughts out of his mind because he had other matters to attend to. Chaos needed strict discipline in his house. He entered the house and called for Cherish. She came running like a trained dog.

“What you need, baby?” Cherish asked obediently.

“You put that bitch in the basement?” he asked.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“A’ight. You tell them other bitches upstairs not to even think that they got a night off. I’m gonna get a few tricks to come over to make us this money tonight.”

Cherish nodded.

“You tell them bitches that they’re gonna fuck and suck niggas tonight, early, a’ight?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Now do what you’re told.”

Cherish strutted upstairs to get Crown’s business in order. When she was out of sight, Crown walked toward the basement stairs, unbuttoning his shirt as he did so.

He descended the stairs and heard Chaos’s cries coming from the room she was locked in. He unlocked the door and saw Chaos seated on one of his couches. She was curled up like a ball sobbing. Crown was furious. “Bitch! Did I tell you to fuckin’ sit anywhere in this room?” he screamed.

Chaos jumped in fear. Crown yanked her by her top and dragged her from the couch. She fell to the floor on her side and Crown continued to drag her. Chaos screamed and fidgeted as her top ripped. The carpet burned against her exposed thighs.

He dragged her to the center of the room and slapped her hard. Chaos cried out in pain and tried to curl into a fetal position to protect herself.

“Bitch, I’m gonna teach you to fuckin’ listen tonight! You need discipline, bitch. What I tell you about even lookin’ at that nigga YB? I want you to think about that nigga while I’m beating your ass tonight.”

He hit her several times, but mostly on parts of her body that weren’t easily visible like the stomach and back. He was angry that he had already blackened her eye and busted her lip because he knew she still needed to make money for him.

Crown panted heavily over Chaos. He glared down at her and commanded, “Bitch, take all that shit off.”

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