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My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 26

Chaos had YB on her mind when she headed toward the exit from VIP. Her attire for the night was a sexy, black-and-hot-pink micro-mini skirt with a matching halter top. Her pussy was still feeling sticky and sore from the last trick she fucked, but she was definitely taking care of business and making her ends for the night.

She wore a small smile on her face when she walked back into the main part of the club, which was called the Violator room. That smile quickly disappeared when she saw Crown coming her way with a furious gaze across his face.

Chaos stopped in her tracks, but Crown continued to walk briskly in her direction.

“C’mere, you fuckin’ bitch!” he yelled.

Chaos stood still in horror. Crown grabbed her by her neck, choking her in front of everyone at the club.

“What the fuck I told you about that nigga, YB? Huh, bitch? You wanna fuckin’ disobey me?”

Tears welled in Chaos’s eyes as Crown’s hand squeezed her neck and she began to gag. He pushed her against the wall and smacked the shit out of her. Chaos spit blood and the party stopped for a moment. Everybody saw the scene Crown was causing, but no one attempted to help in any way.

“Baby, Daddy, it was a mistake. I’m sorry, Daddy,” Chaos tried to plead with him.

Crown hit her again. Chaos dropped to the floor and landed on her side. Her lip was busted and dripping blood. She peered up at Crown and begged him to stop, but he kicked her in the stomach. Chaos cringed with pain.

“Magic, please do somethin’ to help her,” Angel pleaded to Magic.

“This muthafucka!” Magic growled.

He didn’t care for Crown or any of his chicks, but he had seen enough and knew that Crown had gone too far. That shit he was pulling on Chaos wasn’t allowed to happen in Magic’s club.

Magic approached Crown with an angry stare, ready to beat him into the ground if he didn’t stop with the bullshit.

“Crown, what the fuck you doing?” Magic shouted.

Crown saw Magic coming his way. His face was twisted with anger and rage, but he stopped beating on Chaos for a moment.

“Magic, this ain’t your fuckin’ business. This is my bitch here, a’ight?”

“Nigga, she in my club, so it is my business,” Magic retorted.

“Magic, just step the fuck off and let me handle my bitches like I always do.”

“Not in here, Crown. You’re out of line, nigga. You take that shit outside; you know my rules, nigga. Take your bitches and get the fuck out my club!” Magic glared at Crown, making sure he got the point.

Crown returned the glare, but knew he couldn’t rise up against Magic in his own spot. Magic kept his composure. He wanted to hit Crown but knew it wasn’t worth it. The way the pimp beat Chaos down got no respect from Magic and a few of his peoples in the club. Everyone else knew that Crown was trouble, so they tried to keep their distance from him. They all knew to fear Crown because of his hired gun, Harlem.

Magic didn’t fear those young niggas. He wanted their business, but in the end, he knew that niggas like Crown and Rufus would eventually become more trouble than they were worth.

Crown turned his attention back to Chaos. She was still on the floor, crying.

“Bitch, shut the fuck up wit’ that crying and get the fuck up,” Crown sternly commanded.

He looked for his other chicks and yelled, “Yo, all my bitches in this fuckin’ club better be dressed within fifteen fuckin’ minutes.”

Cherish stopped what she was doing and pulled Casper off a nigga’s lap. “C’mon, bitch, let’s go.”

She dragged Casper to the dressing room. Midnight got down from the stage and rushed toward the dressing room as well, her tits jiggling with each step.

“Where the fuck is Sweet?” Crown asked.

“She’s doin’ a VIP,” Cherish informed him.

Crown sighed.

Chaos got up and stood submissively next to Crown. She had a black eye to match her busted lip.

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