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My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 25

“No, Daddy. I’m cool,” Cherish replied in a timid tone.

“A’ight then, bitch, you make sure Casper gets this money in this fuckin’ club. Her minimum is five hundred for the night. You understand me, bitch?”

“Yes, Daddy, I understand.”

Crown said to Casper, “Bitch, get dressed and work these niggas in here.”

Casper nodded again.

“You watch her, Cherish,” Crown warned.

Cherish nodded.

As Crown walked away, Cherish asked, “Daddy, can I talk to you?”

Crown turned and took a pull from his cigar. “What, bitch?”

“It’s about Chaos,” she mentioned.

Crown squinted and irritably replied with, “What about that bitch?”

“She broke one of your rules tonight,” Cherish informed.

“What fuckin’ rule?”

“I saw her talking to YB by the bar earlier, before you came in,” she said to him.

“Where that bitch at now?”

“She went to go do a VIP wit’ a trick.”

Crown didn’t say another word and just walked away. Cherish smiled knowing Chaos was in serious trouble with Crown. She violated Crown by even talking to YB when she was forbidden to do

so. Since Cherish was Crown’s bottom bitch, she had to make sure she kept her Daddy’s house in order.

Crown went to the VIP area to look for Chaos. YB wasn’t around, but he wasn’t concerned about that nigga right now. He had to check one of his hoes.

He waited by the VIP entrance smoking on his cigar. He wanted to have a word with Chaos and it was going to be harsh. His bitches needed to know that you didn’t fuck with his money or his time.


“Ah, shit, ah, shit, Chaos,” Danny moaned, feeling Chaos’s sweet lips wrapped around his short, thick dick.

Danny was one of Chaos’s regulars. He was slumped on the couch with his legs spread. Chaos was on her knees between his thighs sucking him off like the professional she was.

Danny had his eyes closed as Chaos to work her magic on him. She jerked him off and played with the tip of his dick until she felt him harden and then he exploded into the condom. Danny let out a deep sigh after his nut, looking spent.

Chaos wiped her mouth and stood. “You good, right?”

“Hells yeah, I’m good. Shit, Chaos, you be doin’ me right!”

Chaos got dressed. She covered her perky tits and stuffed the money in her G-string. Her olive-colored skin and long jet black hair was dripping with sweat. Danny stood, pulled up his jeans, and tossed the used condom in a nearby wastebasket.

Chaos smiled at him. “You be good and get at me whenever.”

“I sure will,” Danny replied.

It was her third trick turned for the night, and so far her night had been good. She had made over $500 already and was working to bring Crown over a thousand before the night ended.

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