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My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 24

With his first victim trained in his sight, Harlem aimed and fired two into the first soldier.

Poot! Poot!

The gunshots were quiet but still deadly and hit the victim in the back. He dropped in front of his homies, but before anyone could help him or realized what was going on, Harlem dropped another nigga dead, and then he shot a fiend in the neck.

“Oh, shit! Yo, niggas is shooting!” one boy yelled. He tried to run for safety, but Harlem shot him in the back of the head.

By now, everyone out front knew of the danger and saw Harlem coming their way with the gun outstretched in his hand. He was randomly shooting niggas down.

Fiends began to scatter, but some got shot down by the gunfire. A few more of Rufus’s soldiers came running out of the house with their guns out, but Harlem quickly shot them down where they stood.

Mayhem spread on the block fast, and soon everybody was running for their lives. Harlem looked around and was back in his truck before the gunfire was heavily returned. His job was done. He made the block hot and money stopped flowing in for YB and Rufus.

His truck peeled around the corner, leaving six dead and many wounded. Police would soon be all over the scene, canvassing and asking questions.


Crown arrived at the club with Casper around one in the morning. The place was jumping with money flowing and the music blaring.

Magic stood behind the bar trying to help Angel out with the drink orders. His other bartender, Peaches, called out for the night, and he had no one to replace her. Magic was never afraid to step up when needed, so he took matters into his own hands.

Magic turned to see Crown walk in. The pimp was dapper in black slacks, a black silk shirt, polished wingtip shoes, and a black derby. He had on a diamond pinky ring and matching bracelet, and the usual cigar was clutched between his fingers. His long, permed hair fell graciously down to his shoulders underneath the derby. He looked like a gangster and a gentleman.

Casper meekly stood behind Crown in her short denim skirt. Six-inch high heels replaced the Nikes she’d had on earlier, and her tight, sexy top accentuated her breasts. She immediately caught everyone’s attention. She was fresh meat in the club. Niggas stared at her tight figure and couldn’t wait to get a piece of her.

Magic gave a small smile, noticing the sexy new young thing Crown had with him.

“I see Crown got a new girl tonight,” Angel said.

Magic sighed.

Crown looked over at Magic and they locked eyes for a moment. Crown puffed on his cigar before walking over to Magic. Casper was right behind him.

“Damn, shorty is nice,” a nigga was heard saying as Casper moved through the crowd.

“I got a fresh bitch for the club, Magic,” Crown said.

Magic looked at the young girl. “How old is she?”

“Nigga, she old enough to get plenty of money for me and you. You know the routine, Magic: I’ll cut you off a percentage for doin’ business up in here. I know the house gotta get paid too.”

Magic showed no emotion. He just looked at Casper one more time, studying her young, beautiful features. “Just make sure she know how we do things in here.”

Crown nodded. He said to Casper, “We got rules to this shit here, and Cherish will let you know how not to fuck up.”

Casper gave her usual nod.

Crown looked around for Cherish and saw her by the stage working a trick. She was butt-naked in white, patent leather wedge heels and had a fistful of money.

Crown walked over to her with Casper following. Cherish smiled at Crown’s approach, but her smile disappeared when she saw Casper.

“Who that bitch, Crown?” Cherish asked with some attitude.

“This bitch is family now. I want you to take her under your wing and teach her how we do things. Make sure she learns how to get this money, Cherish.”

Cherish sighed loudly.

“Bitch, you got a fuckin’ problem?” Crown snapped.

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