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 My Dirty Hot Angel 

Episode 18

YB walked into Magic’s club alone. He heard the racket and saw that the stage was swarmed with niggas holding money in their hands. He knew some bitch was probably doing some freak shit on stage that was making niggas go bananas.

He moved farther into the club and looked around for any familiar faces, but he figured that anyone he knew was probably jammed into the crowd by the stage. For a minute, it looked like the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, with everyone crammed together around one particular area, shouting and waving money.

“Hey YB,” Angel greeted.

YB gave him a head nod.

The other strippers in the place eyed YB. They knew his pockets were fat with that paper he was getting from the block. They greeted him with smiles and flattery but he showed them little love and looked around for Chaos.

The strippers knew who YB was searching for and had no clue to why YB was on Chaos’s shit like that. They scratched their heads and wondered what Chaos had that they didn’t. They were jealous and hated on Chaos but knew not to fuck with her because she was Crown’s bitch.

“YB, if you’re looking to get up with Chaos, you need to go check by the stage and see how that bitch gets down,” a stripper named Trendy said snidely.

YB looked at her and smirked. He didn’t even waste his breath on her. YB moved toward the stage while Trendy kept her eyes on him. When he was a good distance away, Trendy rolled her eyes and said to no one in particular, “He must like them dirty chicks ’cause that bitch ain’t got shit over me.”

YB navigated his way through the thick crowd of men and reached the stage. He observed Chaos in a contorted sexual position with Sweet and Cherish. Chaos was still on her back, fucking herself with the pink dildo, while Sweet licked at her pussy and Cherish continued to eat Sweet out from the back. It was a pornographic scene and niggas loved every minute of it.

Chaos turned her head and made eye contact with YB, who just continued to stare at her. He was the only face in the crowd that didn’t look too excited about the freak show taking place on stage.

Suddenly, Chaos felt guilty but she didn’t know why. YB wasn’t her man and they weren’t fucking but it felt like she disappointed him somehow. She stopped fucking herself with the dildo for a moment and studied YB before he walked away, fighting his way back through the dense crowd.

Chaos closed her eyes and felt Cherish’s tongue in her pussy this time. She couldn’t help but moan at the oral pleasure Cherish gave her.

YB returned to the bar and ordered a shot of PatrĂ³n. He downed that and ordered another. He waited patiently for Chaos to finish with her pornographic show. It didn’t bother him that she was naked in front of dozen of men and getting her pussy eaten out by the next bitch, but it did bother him that she was with Crown. He knew a woman like Chaos deserved better.

YB sat alone and lost in his thoughts. He thought about his life in the streets with Rufus and then thought about Chaos. He reminisced about when they first met.


Eight months earlier, Chaos was turning a trick in a nigga’s blue Benz truck on Lancaster Avenue. YB and Rufus were half a block down, doing business on the streets when YB heard Chaos scream. He looked and saw a scuffle going on in the truck, which was parked on the block. Without thinking, he walked over to the Benz.

“YB, where da fuck you goin’? What, you wanna be Captain Save-a-Ho now? That ain’t our fuckin’ business!” Rufus had exclaimed.

YB ignored his cousin. When he got closer to the truck, he saw a man beating on Chaos while forcing her down on the passenger seat. He flared up. He didn’t know Chaos, but he’d seen her around a few times and he always thought that she was a cutie.

Chaos screamed, “Get the fuck off me! Get the fuck off me!”

YB removed a concealed .45 from his waistband and opened the driver’s side door. He pulled the nigga forcefully out the car. The man was big, but that didn’t intimidate YB.

“Yo, what the fuck, nigga?” the man shouted as he pulled up his jeans. He was getting ready to attack YB but before he could, YB had the gun aimed at his head.

“Yeah, go ahead, nigga, get stupid out here,” YB warned.

The man glared at YB and retorted, “Nigga, you know who the fuck I am? Get that shit out my fuckin’ face.”

The man stepped closer and YB fired a round into his leg, dropping the trick to the concrete. He screamed, clutching his leg, and shouted, “Fuck you, nigga! You’re a dead man.”

Chaos got out of the car. YB looked at her and asked, “Yo, you a’ight?”

Chaos nodded and pulled down her skirt.

YB looked down at the man he shot and said, “You in the wrong place for that shit, nigga.”

“Nigga, I’m Shyfe Lyfe! Fuck y’all niggas!”

Rufus walked over with his 9 mm in his hand. He was ready for anything to pop off. He looked down at Shyfe Lyfe and recognized the nigga from being with them Northside niggas over on Diamond Street.

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