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My Dirty Hot Angel 

Episode 17

Cherish strutted toward the stage like the diva she knew she was. The men stared in anticipation, waiting for her outfit to come off and the pussy to come out.

The DJ played some old school Prince. It was what Chaos loved moving to when she was about to get her freak on. A Prince song relaxed her body and mind and got her horny and down for whatever.

She stepped on the stage and moved across the raised platform in her six-inch stilettos. The spotlight was on her for a long moment. She twirled herself around the long, golden pole a few times, swinging herself in the air like a schoolgirl in a playground. She slowly came down to the floor and crawled around the stage on all fours like a cat on the prowl and eyed her customers as if they were her prey.

“Purple Rain” blared in her ear. Chaos grabbed the pole a second time and climbed to the top. She suspended herself upside down, her long legs inches from the ceiling, and contorted her body around the pole like a snake. Still upside down, she slithered down the pole seductively. As she got nearer to the floor, she twirled and spread her legs widely.

Chaos put on one hell of a show. Money was thrown at her and niggas fiended to see more.

For the next ten minutes, Chaos did her thing and then Sweet stepped onstage to join her in the show. She sashayed back and forth, exposing her phat ass, pulling up her dress to her hips and revealing that she had no panties on. Men howled as they spotted her shaved mound and meaty, tattooed thighs.

Sweet couldn’t work the pole like Chaos could, but she was good with working the floor, enticing niggas by showing and playing with her pierced clit. She rolled over on her hands and knees and lowered her tits to the floor. With her ass in the air and an arch in her back, Sweet reached beneath her and played with her pussy from the back.

She got love with niggas throwing money at her. Chaos stood by the pole and gave Sweet the floor for a moment. Sweet still wore her shades, but niggas didn’t pay much attention to her face. They were mesmerized by her body as her outfit came off, little by little.

The crowd got mad crazy and louder and the stage area more crowded when Chaos stripped butt-naked and walked over to Sweet, who once again turned on her back and was playing with her pussy. Chaos perched over Sweet and slowly lowered her wet and moist pussy against Sweet’s mouth. Sweet grabbed Chaos’s fat, round ass and began eating her out. Chaos turned into the 69 position and put her face between her friend’s legs.

The crowd went berserk. Tens and twenties were thrown on the stage, and pictures were snapped by cell phones. Chaos’s legs quivered as Sweet’s long tongue swam around in her. She returned the favor by sucking on Sweet’s clit and fingering her pussy fervently.

Both ladies drowned out the crowd and noise and enjoyed each other. They twisted into each other, rolling over and sucking on each other’s nipples and finger fucking. Then the rabbit came out and they took it to the next level.

Chaos was the first to get it. She lay on her back and waited for Sweet to push the thick, pink, nine-inch dildo into her. Sweet got close to Chaos’s throbbing pussy and slowly pushed the plastic dick into her.

Chaos moaned and while Sweet fucked her with the dildo, Chaos played with Sweet’s clit, giving niggas one hell of a show. The DJ segued into 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop,” which seemed to be the appropriate music for the scene.

“Aaaaaahhh . . . ummmm . . . ummm . . . ummm,” Chaos moaned loudly.

“Yo, I got next,” someone shouted from the crowd.

Cherish walked over to the stage naked, her clothes in hand. She saw how the crowd reacted to the show and she wanted in. She saw that money and knew it needed to be collected. Without permission, she stepped on stage, tossed her clothes to the side, and approached the girls.

The crowd of men roared with more hunger as a third girl was about to intervene. But before Cherish got in, she collected the money that was spread out all over the floor and stuffed it into her purse.

She then jiggled her Beyoncé booty and made it clap. She stood erect in her clear stilettos, her nakedness and thick, curvaceous figure attracting niggas like bees to flowers. They threw more money at her and wanted to see more, and Cherish gave them more. She climbed on the pole and began working it like Chaos did earlier, but she put more of herself into it. She ground her wet pussy against the pole and pressed her tits against it, titty fucking the long pole like it was a piece of dick.

Cherish took her show a step further and grabbed someone’s empty beer bottle. She lay on stage, spread her thick thighs apart and slowly pushed the beer bottle into her asshole. She almost had all of it stuffed into her.

Chaos looked over at Cherish and sighed because it was supposed to be their show but Cherish wanted the spotlight and she got it, for that moment.

“Yo, yo, do me like that, luv,” a man shouted.

“Oh shit, that bitch is nasty! Yo, that shit is crazy,” someone else shouted.

Cherish worked the crowd and did things to the bottle that only few could imagine.

But Chaos was determined to keep doing her thing with Sweet, not letting Cherish steal their audience from them. Chaos sucked on the dildo, deep-throating nine inches of synthetic dick while Sweet ate her out. The crowd’s attention was split and money was going everywhere.

Three of the baddest chicks were on stage, naked and freaking each other off and the club was becoming chaotic. Niggas were becoming hard and horny from watching all of the action going on.

Cherish finished fucking herself with the beer bottle and sucked it off. The sight of her full, sweet lips wrapped around the bottle after she pulled it out of her ass made one nigga throw a hundred-dollar bill at her.

“Yo, shorty, we need to talk, fo’ real,” he called out hungrily.

Cherish looked over at Chaos and Sweet in their kinky position and decided that it was time for her to get in on the action. She moved behind Sweet while she was eating out Chaos. Cherish got down on her knees, spread Sweet’s ass cheeks apart and tongued Sweet’s wet pussy. Sweet tensed with pleasure as she felt Cherish’s tongue digging into her pussy wildly. She grabbed Chaos’s legs tightly and continued to suck and lick Chaos’s pussy, even as she felt her own orgasm building.

By then, the stage was raining money and niggas were getting rowdy and wild.


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