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 My Dirty Hot Angel 

Episode 16

Even though Mrs. Toma was in her late forties, some thought she didn’t look a day over thirty. She spent her days in spas and working out in the gym to keep her figure slim, toned, and sexy. She styled herself in the best fashions that her son provided. She always had money, whether it came from her husband before his death or from her son—or even Magic. The drug game been good to her, which was reflected in her posh lifestyle.

“You look nice, Ma,” YB said.

“Don’t I?” Mrs. Toma smiled and did a twirl for her son.

“I know you’re not going anywhere, because I’m taking you out to eat.”

“Dinner? What’s the occasion?”

“No occasion. What, a son can’t be good to his mother?”

“You’re always good to me, Yvonne. But I was thinking of stayin’ in and enjoyin’ my wine and listenin’ to some Luther Vandross while watching the sun set from my yard.”

“Scratch that. You need to get out and I’m not taking no for an answer.”

Mrs. Toma smiled again. “Business must be really good for you . . . or did you meet a young lady and you want to surprise me with dinner with her?”

“Nah. Just you and me, like it used to be.”

“Okay, Yvonne, give me a minute to freshen up. A mother can’t complain or say no to her son wanting to spend time with her. Why am I such a lucky woman?” she teased.

“Because you gave birth to me,” YB answered smugly.

Mrs. Toma chuckled. “And I don’t regret every minute that you had me in labor, with your big head. You damn sure was worth it.”

Mrs. Toma went upstairs while YB went into the kitchen to get himself a quick snack. He was a street nigga for sure but a mama’s boy in his heart.


YB took his moms to Tre Scalini, a quaint Italian food restaurant on South 11th Street, where the food was mouthwatering and left you full.

Over veal parmesan and clams, they had a nice talk about family and YB’s future. His mom, like every mother, wanted him to meet a girl and give her grandchildren to spoil. However, Mrs. Toma knew that YB was a player and went through women the way babies went through diapers.

She asked about Rufus and how was he playing out on the streets. They both knew that Rufus was a very violent man and his temper was deadly, but he was good to have around in the streets. If there was a problem, Rufus knew how to handle it and, in turn, YB kept his cousin under control.

“His mother was no better,” Monica said of her sister, Rufus’s mother. “The bitch was my sister but she was a headache most of the time. Now that she’s is gone, she left her son around to be even more of a headache,” she proclaimed.

YB didn’t respond. He just listened to his mother talk and watched her drink wine. He admired her elegance.

Before their meal ended, his mother added a few more words about Rufus. “He could be good for business and he could be bad for business.”

YB smiled, knowing that his mother could be just as gangster as any nigga in Philly.


Magic’s club was packed with dozens of strippers and men tipping away their paychecks and getting drunk off beer and liquor. The DJ had Biggie’s “Hypnotize” blaring throughout the club and the scantily clad young ladies were milling around. Two strippers were nude onstage shaking what their mama gave them.

Chaos, Cherish, and Sweet performed their duties on the floor while Midnight turned a trick in the VIP section. With Crown not around, Cherish was in charge of the chicks because she was Crown’s bottom bitch. She worked a customer near the back, pushing her tits in his face and giving him a hard-on as she ground her pussy against his lap. She still managed to keep her eyes on Crown’s other chicks, making sure they were getting that money and not getting into any trouble.

Chaos moved through the club in a see-through pink fishnet dress with rhinestone trim and white stilettos. Her matching pink rhinestone-studded thong was on full display underneath the dress.

Her partner in crime, Sweet, wore a tight, black, stretch dress that stopped mid-thigh and silver pumps. Her big booty and balloon tits had the men in the club gawking and grabbing their dicks, tempted to get freaky with her.

They were getting money, and that was the only thing that mattered in the club for them. Chaos was the main attraction and she walked around the club with a handful of money. Niggas constantly tried grabbing her ass and tits.

Chaos and Sweet were about to do a show for the night. The crowd was waiting for a freak-off show with the hottest bitch in the middle. The two loved doing this type of freak show together and it showed during their shows—the sucking, licking, kissing, and fingering. They didn’t mind the crowd watching because when it was just them two on stage, it felt like the lights were off and the club was empty, because they only focused on each other.

There was one part of the night that Chaos looked forward to—being sexually engaged with her friend Sweet and getting paid for it. They didn’t worry about Crown, Cherish, or money because after they fucked each other in front of everyone, dozens of niggas wanted to fuck them afterwards.

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