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πŸ‘’πŸ‡{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined} πŸ†πŸ‘ 

Episode 7

Liana Ohmshford

My eyes widened in complete shock when he grabbed my waist tightly, kissing me with so much intensity, barely giving me space to breathe normally.

I tried to pull him away, but he was way stronger than me, I couldn’t deny the fact that I loved the way he kissed me passionately, there was this sensation and feeling that whirled around me completely. I couldn’t just elaborate how. He pushed my waist to himself more closer as he bit my lower and upper lips, mating with my tongue outrageously.

‘X-Xavier…, wait, just stop’ I yelled, but it only rushed out as a moan. He trailed hot kisses to my ears, locking his lips with mine affectionately.

Tears built up in my eyes as he pushed me to the wall, lifting up my skirt, I sniffed back my tears when he unbuckled my jacket, finding his fingers into my cleavages.

Wait! What’s he doing to me?? And why am I not shoving him away???

I used all the power and strength in me to shove him away with both my hands ambidextrously. How dare he huh?? How dare he take advantage of my situation?? First, it was this crazy highschool, then the J.O.Y girls, next the $ex robot, and now him??

Gawd….! I just don’t know how I’m feeling right now. He tried to kiss me again, but I sent him a hot resonating slap, which almost made him staggered to the ground, if not for his agility and strength.

‘How dare you Xavier??’ Muttering inaudibly, I ran my hands through my hair in frustration, touching my dry wet lips that metamorphosed to a soft one coz of how he kissed me.

He exaggerated a sigh, placing his head down, after a momentum of silence he looked up to me apologetically. ‘I’m sorry, but it wasn’t entirely my fault,… I’ I impeded his statement, and walked out on him with tears streaming down from my eyes. I ignored his calls and barged in into a dormitory room, not minding who’s inside. I just need to clear my head right now.

Xavier Martins





Darn it! What was I thinking?? Why on earth did I kiss her like that?? And to think that I almost made out with her! I couldn’t just resist those full bright lips of hers. The way her curves moves seductively, Doesn’t she knows that she’s driving me crazy???

‘Why did she have to leave?? Darn it!!’ I cussed disappointedly hitting my knuckles on the table, smashing my phone to the ground angrily. I got to my laptop , hitting it hardly on the mahogany table.

Darn it!!!!

Sherry Washington

I tossed around the Bed, continuously, but I wasn’t feeling sleepy, I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking about Oliver. What the heck is wrong with me??


I walked towards the table, pouring water into a glass cup, after a sigh escaped from my lips, I was imminent to drink the water when the door cracked open unexpectedly revealing Liana.


How did she know my dorm room number??? And what is she doing here??

She seemed downcast and really frustrated. It was still 2 in the midnight which made me perplexed at her, what might be running through her mind to suddenly barge in like that??? I shook my head at her and hurriedly bolted the door before anyone sees us. I squatted down to her position, with my hands on my thigh. Her face looked teary which gave me a hint that she’d been crying since. What happened to her?? Hope it isn’t what I’m thinking?? Hope she didn’t get laid forcefully??.

Her gaze digressed to mine fully, immediately she sniffed, wiping off her tears, but it rushed back and she bursted into fresh tears.

‘Hey! What’s wrong? What happened to you??’ I asked softly as she tucked some strands of her hair, in between her ears, standing up instantly, and I mimicked her actions.

‘You didn’t tell me your goddamn deteriorating highschool had a f*cking $3x robots that detects an Escapee’ She yelled angrily, making my heart thump.

Was she trying to escape??

Did the robot rape her? I don’t just understand, does she probably think she could escape just like that without getting caught.

‘Oh my gawd, y-you tried to escape. Liana! What in earth were you thinking?’

‘Could you listen to yourself?? I’m tired, that i can’t hold it anymore. I can ’t tolerate this immense madness anymore longer.. I wan’t to put an end to this.. I want to!’ I sighed heavily. I was once in her shoes.

‘The only way to get out of this mess is to hook up with one of the X.O.X.O guys and you know it, I’ve explained everything to you already. There’s no other way!!’ I shrilled at her, and she kept mute for a while, she starred at me and sat on the bed, with her head down.

‘When is the hookup night?’ She asked tiredly and a smile curved to my lips. Finally she wanna make the right choice.

Liana Ohmshford

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, but I have no choice, I just have to do it and get it over with finally, so that I can complete my three months here without any more problems.

I decided to stay with Sherry as my roommate, I couldn’t go back to that dormitory. At least Sherry’s different from them.

I couldn’t sleep all through, coz I couldn’t just stop thinking about Xavier.

Did he just kiss me for fun or what??……… Oh Gawd! Why is all these happening to me right now???


I packed my necessary books inside my backpack, getting ready for biology class. Sherry also finished dressing up after making noodles for the both of us. ‘i hate biology with passion’ she groaned, earning a eye roll from me. It’s not that we’re goanna practice something important after all, we walked through the hallway, and the four so-called guys passed through our direction, I avoided gaze with Xavier increasing my pace. I could automatically feel his burning gaze at my back as I waltzed off.

I sat with Sherry, immediately we got to class. I gasped in shock as I sighted a girl with a tattoo of a p***y and a cl**t. They started practicing different kind of disgusting things. I almost screamed loudly as a girl took off her skirt, shoving her pant into another girl’s mouth, and the slurped on each other’s ass violently. Holy freaking moly………

The J.O.Y girls cat walked in, they were putting on a very short skirt, sometimes I wonder how they manage to sit comfortably with that on them. One of them opened their cleavages for me, but I threw my gaze away.

The female teacher walked in and dropped a red textbook on the table. ‘Good morning sexy girls. Today we’ll be practicing discharge of the p****y in page 8,in your textbook’

What the heck?? I wanted to stand up and react to what she just spurted out, but Sherry held me back, giving me a ‘Do you really wanna implicate yourself??’ look.

‘Tessa, come forward and let’s demonstrate’ She gestured to a skinny girl, who smiled heartily, walking to her direction, encircling her legs around the teacher’s waist.

They both removed their shirts, throwing it to the ground. They kissed each other roughly, it came to a point where the teacher placed the girl on a desk, fingerf*****g her right in the presence of everyone in the class. She moaned out loudly and I was feeling disgusted.

She took off her skirt and bounced on her using her marker on her p***y f***g her with it unceasingly. A guy walked to where they were, banging the teacher from behind roughly.

Oh yeah……

Right there…..


Go faster baby…..

Go deeper…..

Like that…

A little more…


My fist clenched angrily as they switched themselves to different styles and positions, sucking on their cl**s. The guy took off the teacher’s pant placing it to one side of her a$$, inserting his d***k into her honeypot, screwing her consecutively, while she kept moaning and screaming. The whole class giggled, practicing exactly what the teacher was doing…..

‘Just ignore’ Sherry whispered, focusing on her Story-book.


‘I’m about to cum!!!!!’ She screamed and everyone stopped, they dropped their discharge into a scientific bottle, examining it closely. ‘i’ll take this over to the laboratory. Class is dismissed’ She finalized wearing back her clothes as everyone murmured happily.

‘i freakishly loved the way she rode me to Disney land’ one of the students exclaimed excitedly, moving her ass vigorously.

More reason why I should attend the hookup night today! I need to do this and get this done once and for all!




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