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πŸ†πŸ‘’{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}πŸ†πŸ‘ 

Episode 24

Jeanette Blues

Darn it!!!

That freaking Bastard!! How dare he huh!??? How dare he ruin my plans?? The nerves and the guts of that guy! He fucking kidnapped Liana for fuck’s sake!

He ruined and dismantled my plan right under my very nose! How could I have been stupid??? I know every hook and cranny of this fucking highschool. How come he abducted her to a place I had no idea of????

Fuck it!!! Darn Nathan fucking Davidson for making me stupid. Darn him!!!

If Lorraine won’t help me, then I’ll just have to do this all by myself. But for now, I’m fucking horny. I need a bitch tonight. Yvonne won’t do.

I puffed out the smoke from my nostrils as I cat walked to the class. I met a bitch sucking on her self enthusiastically. I chuckled slightly, caressing my hands on her Laps thoroughly, nibbling on her neck, while my other hands went through her b**s. “How about for tonight??!” I whispered.


Sherry Washington

I breathed out a Long sigh before knocking on the X. O. X. O guys dormitory, I was really nervous coz no one really comes here.

The door creaked open revealing Oliver and my heart began to thump nervously. I gulped hard as he chuckled wryly, widening the door for me.

“Come on in”

I starred at him briefly before walking in towards the main room. Before I could turn back, Oliver already grabbed my waist pinning me to the wall tightly, as a feeling of sensation crawled through my Spine. I suddenly remembered the reason I came here in the first place. “Uhm… I came here for Liana. I haven’t seen her since yesterday” I uttered as his pastel blue eyeball fluttered at me as he leaned even more closer. His hardness rested on my abdomen, and his hands were still on my waist. We were both panting heavily.

“She’s safe. Xavier has gone to meet her already” I knitted my eyebrows in confusion. “Where?? And why didn’t you go with him???”

He scoffed, tightening his grip on my waist “I still love myself okay??… And I still have erotic things to do, like me getting my head buried in your laps??” He whispered seductively, pressing his lips on mine. I moaned out silently as he sucked on the lower lone, nibbling on my neck.

“Wait!” He creased his eyebrows questioningly. I swallowed hard intensely, pulling him away from me ambidextrously with both of my hands. “I can’t do this. At least not now” I added with a sigh and he pulled me closer again to himself after muttering strings of curses. “Why???”

“Coz, my friend needs me and I’m here pleasuring myself” I replied finally wriggling out of his hold.

Where the heck Is Liana?

“Alright then, I know where they went to. I’ll help you find her” He muttered as my lips curved into a Smile.




Liana Ohmshford

Oh my!!

The bullet hit Xavier and he groaned hurtfully, as he grabbed another gun, firing the bullets sporadically. Nathan also fired some shots, barricading himself with a wooden table. The shots became intense and Nathan ran out of the old library still shooting.


I yelled in ultimate tears as I placed his head on my thigh, trying to get the bullet off his chest.

“L…Liana” He struggled weakly as tears filled my eyes.

“I want you..t..to kiss me” he whispered and my eyes widened in shock. Pervert! Even still in pains, he still have the balls to ask me for a kiss.

“Please” He whispered and I gave up already bending my head to his lips, as my hair flopped to my forehead. My other hands were still placed on his wounded chest while my right hands were on his chin. I breathed out nervously jamming my lips on his, kissing him slowly but passionately. I moaned out in between the kiss as his hands slowly went to my waist, deepening the kiss. Shivers and Sensations traveled to my spine as he draws me more closer, moving his tongue in and out of my lips.

“Are we interrupting something??” I heard a teasing voice and we both quickly pulled away turning back. It was the guys and sherry.

They rushed in with Sherry and she scrambled off to hug me immediately sniffing in my shoulders. “What happened??? I’ve been searching all over for you??” She asked softly as her gaze drifted to the wounded Xavier, who was still struggling for breath. I blushed heavily as my mind averted to the kiss we both shared. I starred back at her.

“Sherry, I’ll explain everything later okay?? But for now, we need to get him to school’s Clinic” She nodded and The guys carried him immediately, as we followed suit, scampering behind them.

We got through a passageway leading to a residence.

Figures in a white uniform rushed out and they placed him on a stretcher, but blood was still oozing from his chest and that really broke my heart into pieces.


Several Hours Later

“The operation was a success but he needs to rest. He said he needs to talk to a girl named Liana. Who’s Liana among you all??”

Before, I could talk, a voice interrupted me.

“Me, I’m his girlfriend!” I turned back and then I saw Lorraine walking towards us




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