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πŸ‘ πŸ†{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}πŸ‘’πŸ†

Episode 23

Xavier Martins

“Dude, where the hell is my glittery sneakers??” I heard Oval asked Oliver as he bounced to the living room, starring at him questioningly.

“How the heck am I suppose to know where it is?? What am I ? A soothsayer??” Oliver retorted, focusing on his videogame.

“Yeah, go tell that to the Bitches you’ve f**d” He fired back, turning towards Xazix direction who was engrossed in his phone. What he did still annoyed me though, and coz of that, we haven’t talked to each other for weeks.

I mean, this guy tried to rape Liana!!! What the Fuck was he thinking???

Speaking of Liana, I haven’t seen her since yesterday. I’ve searched the whole school but not even her shadow was in sight. I was still talking to the guys when I heard a faint scream from Lorraine’s room. I immediately stood up tip toeing there coz I didn’t trust her one bit.

“If you don’t kidnap that Bitch tonight don’t call me…!!” Lorraine yelled angrily, tossing her phone roughly to the Bed.

Who’s the bitch she’s referring to??? Wait! The only person she calls that is Liana. Did she have a hand in her sudden disappearance??? Courage overwhelmed me and I walked to her room, starring at her. She slowly turned back and gasped loudly in shock when her gaze caught mine. I slowly walked to her, choking her on the wall, while she gasped for breath.

“Where the fuck is Liana. Where is she??” I demanded, intensifying my grip on her neck. She gasped again, trying to remove my hands but I was way more stronger than her.

“I don’t know what you’re…talking about” She stuttered fearfully.

“I’m not joking okay?? You told whoever that was on the Phone that they haven’t kidnapped Liana. I know you had something to do with it. Where’s she!!” I yelled maniacally but she kept mute still trying to catch her breath.

I unlocked my hands from her neck, fisting on the wall angrily. I ran my hands through my hair in exasperation, as I almost ran out of breath. Lorraine still wasn’t talking and that got me freakishly infuriated.

“What’s going on here???” Oval and Oliver rushed their words as they scrambled in. I’m sure they heard my loud voice. I starred at Lorraine disdainfully before averting my gaze back to them. “Liana’s fucking missing and this Bitch here knows something about it!!!” I raised my voice furiously. The thoughts of me losing her triggered some terrible sensation in me and I felt really angry.

Where could she have gone??? I don’t wanna lose her the same way I lost Veronica. No I don’t. I won’t!!!

“Chillax dude. She must’ve gone somewhere else” Oval reasoned.

“Where??? I’ve searched every hook and cranny of the school’s premises. She’s no where to be found and the Fuck!! It’s fucking pissing me off!!!”

“Wait! I think I might know where she is. The old library at the old building?? It’s deserted and abandoned.. No one goes there except for something sacrilegious. I suggest we head there” Oliver suggested, as I calmed down a little bit.


Why didn’t I think of that place earlier??? Who ever that bastard is that think it’s alright to kidnap her just made a horrible mistake.

“Get my gun!” I muttered inaudibly under my breath as Oval quickly walked towards where I keep my guns and pistols. He handed it to me and I scrutinized it thoroughly to see if there was enough bullets. I turned to Lorraine who shivered. “If anything happens to her. I’m gonna make sure you regret ever hurting her. Do you understand??”

“Let’s go guys”




Sherry Washington

“Photosynthesis is the process by which plants derive food from the sunlight and chlorophyll using Carbondioxide” I explained to the teacher boredly and everyone clapped rhythmically.

Where could Liana be???


I couldn’t even concentrate in class properly coz her thoughts overshadowed my mind. Someone passed a white sheet to me and kept it on my locker. I sighed and stylishly read it.

«I think I like you. Meet me by 6 tomorrow at the laboratory. Alone» I hissed inwardly tearing the sheet into two. Who could’ve written this letter?? Probably one of those clingy guys!! Humph!!

“So class that’s the end of today’s class.. Submit your booklet’s tomorrow after lunch” She finalized packing her textbooks, walking out of the class, with the sounds of her heel corresponding with her steps.

“Thank goodness she’s gone I felt like dying” A brunette said as she walked out too. I rolled my eyes, slinging my backpack over my shoulders. Students trooped out of the class and I followed suit, still thinking about Liana. Throughout class today, I didn’t see her

I breathed out and took few strides to the X.O.X. O guys dormitory, maybe she’s there…




Liana Ohmshford

Tears rained down from my eyes as my hands found way to the zip of my top, slowly unzipping it and it revealed my cleavages. He bit his lower lips starring at my body seductively. “Take off your panties too”

“Please Nathan…!”


I slowly reached for it and dragged it down completely, the tears were just clouding my face and I felt really afraid. Is this how my V. will be broken?? Just like that??

He moved closer to me still pointing the gun to my forehead. I shuddered fearfully as his hands went under my thigh. He pulled me closer to himself, encircling my legs around his waist tightly that I could feel his hardness resting on my V. Walls intensely. I cried out with tears streaming down from my face as he moved his body to my V., teasing it exasperatedly. I could feel his bulge rise as he fondled his hands on both cheeks of my butt. He dragged my hair kissing me roughly and hungrily. Still teasing me, he trailed kisses down to my neck, cupping my b***s.

The door barged open and I quickly pulled myself away from him, but the next thing I heard was a huge slap barricading me from hearing a word for two good seconds.

“You bastard!!” I heard and immediately I knew it was Xavier. The thoughts of him sighting me half naked made me shudder in embarrassment. I quickly grabbed my skirt, putting it on.

“You called them huh? You Bitch!!! You fucking called them here!!” Nathan yelled as he pointed the gun more closer to my forehead, daring Xavier to move an inch

“Get your filthy hands off her now!” He yelled angrily but Nathan chuckled dipping his hands into my top, foreplaying with my boobs right in Xavier’s presence. His eyes darkened and his fists clenched. He rushed towards us, slapping the gun off Nathan’s hand. He staggered up and they engaged in a fight. I got hold of the gun and pointed it to Nathan who starred at me hatefully.

“If you move an inch, I’m gonna blow your brains off your head” I bawled in tears.

“Liana, let’s go” he insisted as I linked my arm together with his, dropping the gun on the floor and we both made to leave when I heard a Loud gunshot.

“Xavier!!!” I screamed in tears




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