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👢🍆{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}👠🍆

Episode 21

Sherry Washington

What the??? Is he crazy??

I starred plainly at him, but he winked naughtily at me, making my heart melt instantly. “Y..you mean you want me to slurp on your d!!ck??” I asked unbelievably with my voice laced with nervousness and ultimate disgust.

“Yeah, that exactly what I meant baby. Now kneel and get to work” He commanded authoritatively as I gulped hard, dropping my books on the nearby table.

Oh Gawd!

I squatted down and he smirked, shoving out his rod. I could swear it was more than 5 inches Long and really thick. Jeez! I swallowed really hard as I held both my hands on his rod, placing my mouth softly on it, slurping on it slowly and swiftly while his hands travelled to my hair, pulling it pleasurably.

“Yeah….. That’s it…..” He groaned out with pleasure as I suddenly felt the urge to make him extra pleasured so I bit his groin slightly, moving my upper and lower lips on it, slowly sucking it intermittently with much effort. He groaned out, shrilling my name a bit, intensifying his hands on my hair.

I kept on sucking it slowly, and he suddenly grabbed my lips to his d!!ck shoving it deeply into my throat, while my breath almost seized, and I nearly choked. He continued to mouth bang me while I gasp out, moaning sharply.

He reached his climax and spurted everything out to my mouth immediately, forcing me to swallow it. I slowly inculcated it, almost vomiting them out.

He shoved his groin back to his pocket, while I breathed out a sigh wanting to pack my books and head out when his heartwarming voice stopped me.

“Where do you think you’re going to??” He asked making slowly turn back.

“Oliver, Where do you think I’m going?? I’m going to my dorm room” I muttered inaudibly under my breath as he walked towards me, pinning me to the wall, as his fingers trailed under my laps.. Gawd!!

“Who told you I was done with you yet???”

“I told you… I’m late for biology class” My voice was really hoarse. “I thought you said you were heading to your dorm??” He creased his eyebrows, foreplaying with my C-string from beneath and i almost moaned out.

“I just need to go, okay??!!” I tried to release myself from his grip but he was way stronger than me. His gaze lingered to my Laps and he grabbed my waist tightly, pulling me in for a hot kiss.



Lorraine Ohmshford

I picked up a huge pistol, putting it to my pocket in case of necessity.

Looking left and right to ensure no one was secretly following me. I breathed out sprinting towards the door of the J. O. Y girls. Audible moans and screams filled the passage way and I was starting to feel disgusted. I muttered strings of curses before pushing the door open, revealing the two girls sucking on each other enthusiastically. The leader was in a sleeping position, while the other girl was giving her a head.

I cleared my throat exaggeratedly for the both of them to notice my presence and they did coz they stopped immediately. The leader stood up, before lighting a cigarette, walking closer towards me.

“Sorry you had to see that. It’s our daily routine” She muttered, sitting on a swivelling chair, she puffed the cigarette into her mouth and it slowly drove out from her nostrils. I had to cover my nose before adjusting to the stench of the atmosphere.

“What’s the plan??” I ignored her statement.

“C-mon, sit down you’re our guest” She ushered with a wave of her fingers while I rolled my eyes sarcastically, perching on a couch that was reserved.

“I was beginning to think you won’t come” She muttered, picking up another cigarette.

“Why won’t I honor an invitation that involved ruining someone’s life!!” I replied through gritted teeth and the two girls starred at themselves before bursting into laugher. I was confused as hell. I hadn’t said anything hilarious or funny, so I don’t get why’re they’re laughing.

“I like the sound of that”

“What’s the plan???” I went straight to the point.




Liana Ohmshford

I watched the strange girl as she waltzed off.

Yeah! I saw that same tattoo on Xavier’s Chest earlier, no wonder it looked so familiar, I wondered why they both have the same tattoo though. Same thing with some students here too.

I soon waved the thoughts away, slinging my backpack around my right shoulders, wanting to head back to the X. O. X. O guys dormitory when I felt the urge to empty my bladder. I slowly took the stairs in the passage way up, walking to the lavatory. I did my thing and adjusted my gown. The door creaked open unexpectedly, revealing a girl. I couldn’t sight her face properly coz of the black mask she wore.

“Who the heck are you???”

She didn’t reply, she only walked closer towards me and made to hit me but I ducked tactically, moving backwards.

“Stop moving closer to me!!!” I yelled angrily but she still didn’t say a word. She moved more closer again, fisting me right on the face and I spat out the blood that elapsed from my nose. She thwacked me again and I fell to the floor weakly and blacked out.




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