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My mistress... My one true queen

Season 2

Ëpīsödë Sïxty

Everything happened like a dream, everything moved so fast, fight for the throne, her involvement in it and then her children, her rise and fall in the palace and how she was sent back home like nothing happened!!

Haven't she dreamt enough!! Haven't she!!!
She looked at her betrothed of many years ago and smiled the more,

"I'm going to the stream to get some water, maybe I will see you when I get back "
"I will help you "he volunteered when she tried to push him away,

Ill fate... Yes!! She has ill luck and that's what is wrong with her and not a scary dream, a dream of troubled hearts,

She has an ill luck which followed her wherever she goes.... She brushed that off her mind and nodded,

"I don't want to trouble you and am meeting for the first time in ten years and... "

"We should be thinking of getting married soon, I can't risk the king coming back here again tomorrow to take you away from me"

"He... "
"He loved you "he completed the sentence with some pangs of bitterness in his voice,
She saw the pain but she couldn't do anything to prevent it,

"How much I wished to die, to rebel all these time that he kept loving you,

I wanted to die but... When I die, I won't be able to see you again by the time you're gone and the gods brought you back to me.... "She held her hand tighter and interlocked their fingers together just incase she gets away,

"You're here with me once again and I won't care about anything that will happen after I make you my wife after all the long waiting "

He smirked and then took her water pot and then helped her fetch the water,

From that day on, he helped around in her house, helped her with the babies who began to grow so fond of him,

His family who never accepted it at first since she was mixed with royal bloodline issue began to welcome her back into the house since she was the only one who makes their son smile for the first time in ten years,

"My king"Dylan called as she strolled into his chambers,
"What is it?? "He asked her and she back hugged him,

"What is it?? "He asked again and she heaved,
"Its Deanee"
He became curious immediately that name was mentioned,

"What about her?? "
"She's getting married by the next full moon"
He was stunned but he tried not to show it,

"Really?? How's that my business then? I don't care at all"
Dylan heaved,
"You have to care my king, because everything that happened was a lie!

I found out what happened and Kyla framed everything, those children she has are yours!!

She never cheated on you even for a day, she loved you more than anyone else in the whole world and you chased her off as if she was nothing!

She's innocent "
He fell to the ground really weak at what he heard....

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