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   My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« FΔ«fty=NΓ―ne

   Deanee looked at the face of the young man who rescued her from that jester and gasped, 

  It was Carlos!! Her betrothed before she was stolen away! 
  "You were not trained to be hitting your fellow woman!!! "He yelled and flung her arm away, 

   She ranted before she walked off in anger leaving the two of them staring at each other like total strangers, 

  She wanted to say something but something stuck in her throat, 
   "Hi"she said at last but that's not what he wanted as he grabbed her into a hug, 

   "I had waited so long for you, so so long for you Deanee"he mumbled as he wrapped his arms around her, 
  "I knew you would come back to me"

    She felt warm and melted into his arms, 
  For a moment, she thought all that happened for the past ten years before she came back were all a dream, 

She felt like they were a dream and she was just waking up from it, 
    She smiled and cried into his arms at the same time, 

   "Where have you been? I've been home for more than eight moons now, 
Where have you been? I've never seen you around"she asked as they disengaged from the hug, 

  He sighed, 
  "I was in the next village, I came home yesterday and I heard that you came back home"he said joyfully as he stared into her eyes, 

  She gulped and looked away, 
   She then smiled as he held her hand just like the old times, 
   "You look more beautiful and more grown now than ten years ago"

  She giggled, 
  She can't believe that the full grown man standing infront of her now is the same person which she had dreamt of getting married to when she was young, 

  He's so handsome, she smiled and then allowed him to fluff her hair just like before,  
      "I heard you married the king "he voiced out after walking in silence for some minutes, 

   She laughed it off as he reminded her of what she had been trying to forget these past months all to no avail, 

Not when the king's sons are alive and breathing beside her everyday, 
   "I think its a dream that I want to wake up from"she replied him and he smiled, 

   "I prayed to Poseidon everyday, I poured libation to him everyday so that you can come back to me safe and sound and he answered my prayers!!! 

He did!! "He yelled and she laughed coldly, 
   "Where's your wife?? "She asked him and he smirked, 

  "I couldn't get married..... I couldn't, I was waiting for you all day, all night for you to come back.... I just didn't want myself to be with another woman who is not you"

    She gulped, 
If only he knew that her heart is too confused on whom to be with now, 
   Maybe she don't think that she loves him just like before, 

Its been ten years!! 
   "I still love you Deanee and.... "
  "I have children... "She blurted to keep him away from her, 

   "Three sons for the king actually"he completed the sentence for her, 
  "You know?? "
  "Who doesn't know in this kingdom but I believe you... You can never cheat on the king.... I know you more than anyone "

   She wanted to suffocate as he kept revisiting her past which she's trying so hard to forget..... 

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