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   My mistress... My one true queen ๐Ÿ‘ธ

Season 2

         ร‹pฤซsรถdรซ Fฤซfty=รŠรฎght

Many months back, 

    Deanee.... As the guard dropped her and her children infront of her father's house and left with the royal cart, 

   Those tears she had been sinking into her bursted out, she can't take it anymore and she cried out so loud, 

  She won't be okay anymore, everything is over!!! Its all over!! 
  No more royalty in her life!! How can she be treated this way after all she suffered? 

After all she did to the king!! Why would they repay her in such a manner? 

 Why? Why?? 
   She didn't stop crying until her babies started crying, 
  She stopped to attend to them and that's when her mind wandered to her father's house, 

  The house.... As old as it had become, 
  How unkempt it looked now, for almost ten years, no one had lived in here, 

    She gasped and then looked around the whole place, 
  She's now going to start afresh, 

A fresh life with her three sons, will she be able to cope? Why would the king kick her out like that? Like she was a piece of trash? 

  Will she ever go back to the palace again? She won't! She would never go back to him ever again! 

  Its over between them! Its really over!! 
   But, it wasn't the king's fault! Someone framed her up in order to get her out of the palace and that person..... She shocked at what her mind told her the next minute, 

   Kyla!!! Kyla did this!!! Yes! The smile she gave her that time!!! She did this!!! 
   She will... No! She won't go anywhere! 

The king will have to find out for himself, 
He won't bother the king at all.... Its over, going to the palace again like that after she was crowned queen and then thrown out again like she was nothing is highly insulting to her own pride, 

   She don't want to regret anything but she can't help regret everything, 
 Meeting the king was really a bad idea and in her next life, 

She won't ever have anything to do with royalty, her life is messed up this way because a king loved her, because she loved the king!!! 


    She smiled as she woke up from sleep, 
  She fed her babies who were growing really fast, 

   She wore her clothes and then set off to the stream to get some clean water for use, 

    "You're here again! My queen!! "Her jester enemy who had been haunting her since she came back stood infront of her, 

She smirked feeling so free these past days, it seemed like a heavy burden was lifted off her chest and she seemed okay with everything that the world has in stuck for her, 

For everything that the world will give her, she had tasted every bad thing right from the day her family died infront of her up to the point her own love threw her out of his kingdom like she was nothing so, basically, she had tasted every phase of life, 

  So what else will she not see? Nothing!! Apart from keeping her children healthy, she's not worried about anyone and don't want to be tied to anyone ever again in her life, 

    "Am talking to you and you're walking out on me!!! "The woman screamed and raised her arm to hit her but some man who came into the background held her hand in the air..... 

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