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   My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« FΔ«fty=SΔ“vΔ“n

   Kyla was so happy! She can't believe it worked out, 
  As she walked out of the dungeon un hurt, 

She smiled to the king's new rule, 
  The queen is gone and gone forever and the king have been doing so fine without her, 

At least she believed so, the only thing that is remaining for her now is to try and win him over, 

Make him love her, and she will give birth to the true heir to the throne! 
   She smiled as she walked majestically into the king's chambers in order to see him, 

     Only to see Dylan inside his room chatting with him so freely, 
   "Oh my God!! Really? That really happened!!! "She heard Dylan say as she laughed with her own man!! 

  The jealousy in her couldn't even let her keep a straight smiling face as she came close to the king, 

   She scoffed loudly as she saw Dylan's hands on the king's body, massaging his legs, 

    "My king "she uttered but the king ignored her, 
  Dylan turned to look at her and then smirked, 

  "Oh, when did you come? I didn't even see you walk in? "She teased and Kyla felt like smashing something really harmful on his head, 

   "Really? "She rolled her eyes and turned to the king once more, 
  "Would you mind stepping out of my room Kyla?? "

   He said calmly and she gulped, 
  "My king! Why do you hate me so much? "She yelled bitterly and he scoffed focusing his attention on Dylan who had slowly became the new apple of his eyes after Deanee left few months ago, 

   He smiled at her and she smiled back, 
  To him, each time he sees Dylan, it reminds him so much about Deanee, 

  Her warm smile, her warm skin, her warm body, everything about her is just so warm but the fact that she cheated on him, that she lied to him, that she betrayed him always make him scamper for comfort in another woman's arms and Dylan have been of help since, 

      He can't say if he really hates her or he loves her, he can't say but he just don't want to think about her yet, each time, he find himself wallowing into the sweet memories they shared together and it appeared to be so real.... So real that he doubt if she ever did anything to hurt him, 

    He just don't know what to believe but he have never been his right self since she left, 

And there are some things which have slowly become his habits, 
  For example, going into her ex-room every morning and inhaling the warmness inside the room, 

  Going to their favorite spot such as the beautiful garden which he made for her on her birthday, 

  Sleeping in her room every night, Dylan will have to cover him up with a duvet whenever he does that, 

   He can't stop touching her left over things and smiling at himself most times as if she was there, 

  He don't know he's doing that but people won't help but notice, 
  The favorite spot where she normally practice her swordman ship is one of his favorite places as he gaze at the winds and sigh uncontrollably, 

No one is allowed to go or match through that spot except Dylan who is always coming there to comfort him, 

   "Kyla, I don't want to see you "he mumbled.... 


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