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   My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« FΔ«fty=SΔ«x

She was short of words and tears came to her eyes immediately, 
   "My king... "She made to touch him but he shifted back, 

   "You don't believe me?? Something is wrong somewhere!! 
  Someone just played a trick on me!!? 

There's no way I will cheat on you!! 
  No way!! I can't do that!!! "

  "I saw the man kissing you and... And.... Deanee!!! Did you ever love me?? "
   He yelled in anger hating the hatred that came surging into his heart, 

  She fell silent, no need arguing with him over what he believes already to be the truth about her, 

     He already had doubts about the baby being his so no need arguing about anything, 
   She wished he didn't believe anything and for a moment, 

  She felt like she shouldn't have met him, 
  "I will go, I just wish the truth will surface sooner, 
   Sooner... My king"she bowed and turned her back to him, 

  He yelled to his guards in anger and they rushed into her room, 
 He just can't control it, 

 What's happening?? Why does he feel like he hates this woman so much? 
  He wants her to disappear for having a child with another man! 

For betraying and lying to him all these time!! Everyone was right! Everyone was really right that he was bewitched by his own mistress!!! His own queen!!! 

     Why didn't he see that sooner? 
   "Guards!!!! Pack her things and send her off to her village with her children.... "He yelled bitterly as his heart bled terribly, 

  Their eyes met and she felt a lump in her throat, she felt the urge to cry but he suppressed it, 
    She looked away and waited for him to do his worst, 

  She won't die but all she knows is that these babies are his!! 
  Maybe one of an insider is playing a game on them, 

  "Make sure I never see her again! "He yelled 
  "Yes your highness!!! "
   "My king.... "She mumbled and he eyed her murderously

 "Don't call my name again so I won't rip you apart for what you did to me!! "
   She smiled at him, 
  "I know you're angry but... Make sure you don't get into trouble now that am away, 

  Promise me you won't get into trouble, 
  Make sure you make right choices because I had been a bad choice to you all along... "A tear dropped on her face and she quickly wiped it off before turning to her children.... 


πŸ—£Have you heard? 

πŸ—£The new queen just left the palace!! 

πŸ—£Oh my gosh!!! 

πŸ—£That witch is out at last!!! 

πŸ—£There are rumors that she had been cheating on the king!!! 

πŸ—£The princes are not the king's !!! 

πŸ—£Evil woman!! 

      "My king!!! "Dylan rushed in to his chambers after all she heard from outside, 

  "Get out!!! "He yelled in anger, he can't let her see him crying just because of a woman, 

   "Why did you send her away? You know you will never be okay now that she's gone!! 

   Get her back!! "
  "She cheated on me!! Those sons aren't mine!! My royal doctor said so!!! "

   "What if there is a mix up somewhere? 
   Do you even trust her enough? "She asked and he fell silent.... 

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