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My mistress... My one true queen

Season 2

Ëpīsödë Fīfty=Fïvë

She opened her door after a hard knock was heard on her door and a man grabbed her and began to kiss her even before she could tell whom that person was,

At first she thought it was the king but then, no, the king's scent isn't really outstanding in a crowd or anywhere,

What's going on? Why is that person kissing her like that? Why is her body reacting to his touch? What's happening??

He kissed her more and the more she tried to push him away, the more he sunk into her and then;

"Deanee!!!!!! "A familiar voice screamed her name and that's when the man let go off her,
Oh no!!!

It was the king! She gasped and was too dazed to say a word,
What just happened? What happened?

The king was startled and surprised at the same time, what's happening?
"My... "No word came out of her lips,

Guilt filled her body,
The man was calm and standing behind her, but why?
"Who are you? "She asked him but its of no use,

The king... No!! The king is going to misunderstand this!
"Guards!! "He began to shout and soon, two guards ran in,

"Seize him!!!! "He yelled with his eyes lingering on her still,
Oh no! She can see live rage written all over his face,

He's going to skin her alive over something that she can't quite understand,

She's just recovering from the incident that took place many days ago and another one is about to burst out,

He was dragged away and she opened her mouth to explain but no words came out still,

His heart was tearing apart, things that he shouldn't believe came rushing into his head,

Like rumours flying everywhere that the princes weren't his and then, her bewitching him for real,

Can that be true?? No, he trust her! He must trust whatever her lips is going to him,

But why isn't she saying anything? Why is she making him become impatient?

"Care to explain what happened, "
"I... I just... I can't say... "She stuttered avoiding her gaze,

She hated herself for not being able to explain herself very well,
She hated it so much that the king is hurting right now for no tangible reason,

"What happened, I will ask you one more time"
"He just... I... I was.... He was... I.... I... "She fell silent and that made stupid thoughts come into his head,

He was silent for a while trying to suppress that hate that was building inside of him already,

"For how long have you been deceiving me? "He asked and she looked up to his face,
"I love you"she mumbled,

"Don't tell me that, I don't want to hear it at all"
She kept quiet fighting back to keep her tears but can't,

"I never deceived you and I... "
"Those children are his right? You've been having an affair and you never cared to tell me about it!!

You loved him!! Why didn't you tell me about it!! Why?? What's a big deal about it!
I trusted you and I'm scared that I still do!!

I showed you my heart and this is what you did with it? "
She gulped seeing the king yelling the whole chambers out,

"I didn't do anything and the babies are yours!! "
"You know what? I don't want to ever see you again"he blurted....



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