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 My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« FΔ«fty=Thréè 

   "My king! "One of the royal doctors came in to her chambers, 
  He sprung up to his feet, 

  "Yes?? What is it?? "
  "The baby... "He paused, 
  "Speak!! Stop keeping me in silent!! "

  "He's okay but... He lost a lot of blood and I think there's something wrong "

  "What's it? "She asked and he looked at her before he turned to the king, 

  "I don't think he's your child, I mean... They are not your children "he voiced out and the king was shocked, 

  "That's a lie, they are mine, they are my princes, 
What are you saying? "He asked and he shrugged, 

  Deanee raised her eyebrow, what's he saying? Not the king's children? Then whose is it? 

  Oh no! Someone is playing a fast one on them! 
   "The blood and his pulse doesn't match with yours my King, 

They are not of royal blood, the royal used to have a very strong aura but his... I mean the triplets... I don't think that they're yours"

  "Then whose is it?? "The king asked with so much anger in his voice, 
  "Ask her"he replied and all eyes went to her immediately, 

    The king didn't want to believe what the royal doctor is saying,
  Why?? Why is everything happening and not falling into places all because he's with her? 

   "The baby is yours!! I'm so sure of it! 
  I... "
  "I believe you, I don't care if the baby is mine or not"he replied smiling at her and then turned to the royal doctor, 

    "You may go now, "he ordered and he bowed and left,  
  Something is wrong somewhere, what's happening? 

Not of royal blood? No! He hates it so much to think that she cheated on him, 

Something is wrong and from the look of things, 
   He's suspecting the royal doctor and yes!! Something is wrong! 

  He called his guard immediately, 
   "I need you to spy on that royal doctor for me please"he commanded and he bowed and left, 

     She was nervous, 
   "That's what I am saying, I have to leave this place else they won't stop coming for us"

  "Are you giving up on me!? Its our wedding day and no matter what! No matter what Deanee.... You're my one true queen! 

  I know what that person is planning on doing! I know very soon it will circulate around the whole place that these aren't mine, 

I know very soon, it will be viral that you're.... "
   "That's why I should prevent it, "she interrupted, 
  He would've doubted that the baby isn't his if only he wasn't the first person that slept with her, 

    "Kyla is behind this"he mumbled and she smirked, 
  "I thought as much, but promise me that you won't harm her"

   He perked up her brow at what she said, 
   "What? She hurt you! Our babies!! She's going to tear this whole kingdom apart just to put you away"

  "I will leave for her if that is what she wants,"
  "What are you saying? She hurt our son! The prince and you're saying that I should let that alone? "

   "Do you think her village will be so obedient to you if anything happens to her? 
Do you want to have more enemies?? "

  "Why are you always thinking about someone instead of yourself!! 
  Think about our babies first!!! "

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