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My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« FΔ«fty=TwΓΆ
 He gulped and was surprised at the same time at the person whom she was holding, 

  "She cut the baby's neck! "
  "Verne's daughter?? "He stammered and then got extremely furious, 

  She wasn't saying a word, she was mute as if she was told not to talk, 
  "Is he okay? "She let go off Manilla in a rough way and ran to the king, 

   She tried to touch the half breathing boy but he held her hand from doing such, 

  "Guards!! "He yelled and guards came into his chambers, 
  "Yes my king"
  "Arrest this queen and Manilla please "he ordered and she gasped, 

  "What!! Arrest me?? What did I do? I didn't do anything wrong! "
  "Then how did you know that it was manila? 

How did you know that something happened? I'm a king and I've been through times like this so please don't even try to lie to me "

   He nagged and she shivered as her gaze went to manilla once more who was smirking, 

   The royal doctors rushed in as they were being escorted to the dungeon, 

  "Do something fast!! "He ordered as they set to work on the already bloody looking helpless boy, 

   He was struggling to live but for how long? 
  "My king, I think you should go outside... I mean, you should go away and be with the mother "one explained and he strolled out, 

   He went into her room to see her cleaning everything up with sadness all over her face, 

She was happy few minutes ago, 
   He's never going to let Kyla get out of this, 
He will not!! 

     She tried to kill a prince!! And then making his woman cry!!! 
   She cleared everything up and washed her baby carefully without noticing that he was looking at her, 

  Tears won't let her, why? Why is it that whenever she's happy, someone will always be out there to ruin it! 

  She couldn't stop wiping her tears as she tried to keep the two boys calm, 

They were unharmed, she observed as she smiled at them, 
  "Hush, Hungry?? "She asked and beamed as her maids kept helping her around with moving her things to the king's room, 

  "Hey don't touch that! "She said politely to one of her favorite maids and that's when her eyes caught him by the door way looking at her all these time, 

   She forced a smile and then he strolled in and all her maids dissapeared, 
  They have learnt to do that each time he comes around to see her, 

    "Hey its okay, he's going to be okay "he assured her as he sat down beside her on the bed, 

  She nodded and then rested her head on his shoulder while his arms warmed around her body before settling down on his babies which were in her arms, 

  "They're going to be okay too"he mumbled as he kissed her forehead, 
   "Do you think so?? Is it my fate?? "She asked looking into her eyes, 

   "Why is it that people keep on dying infront of me? I lost my family just right infront of me and same thing happened again! 

   I lost my baby infront of me!! I couldn't even protect him! I'm.. I'm not worthy enough to be his mother! 

Will he ever forgive me?? "She sobbed while he consoled her, 
  "He's not dead and will never die"


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