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   My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« FΔ«fty=Γ–nΓ«

His heart beat increased as they were joined together as husband and wife, 

   "Hail the royal queen, mother of the princes, 
  The king's heart! Hail the queen!!! "The priest yelled and everyone bowed before her, 

  She was scared at first when everyone bowed before her except the king, 
   "Its... "She was speechless, 

Only tears was in her eyes, 
   "They're bowing for me"she mumbled as she hugged the king as she was too shy to speak, 

  "I told you that I will make everyone worship the ground that you walk on, 

  I will make everyone respect you "he replied giving her a kiss before he waved at everyone to return to their normal position, 

    Kyla wanted to explode, 
  She snapped her hands and someone in black cloak dissapeared and a smile escaped from her lips... 


    "Now everyone is beneath your feet, don't you like it? "He asked her as he kissed her neck, 

  She beamed with excitement, 
   "So I... I'm... "
  "Yes and stop talking, you're not my mistress anymore but my queen, 

My one true queen, a queen that everyone will look up to now, and a queen which will always be by my side, 

  You won't have to wait for me anymore, 
  Cuz you will be by my side in the palace, 
   We will run the royal affairs side by side.... "He held her waist with his hands and pulled her closer to himself, 

   "And I will be needing this intelligent brain of yours"he added and she giggled, 

   "So how is my prince doing? I wanna see them "he asked sweeping her off her feet as they headed to her chambers where the children were. 

    She smiled, 
  "I don't know"she rubbed her eyes and then locked her lips with his, 
  "Hey! Stop being naughty! "

    He dropped her to her feet as they reached her chambers and she rushed to her children, 

   She gasped and cupped her lips witth terror in her eyes, 
  "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! "Escaped her lips before she held her chest, 

   "What's wrong? "He rushed to her side and she pointed to the cot, 
  He peeped and a loud groan escaped his lips too, 

  "Who did this!! "He yelled but checked himself in order not to scare her the more, 

   She slumped to the floor screaming her voice out, 
   He gulped looking at the freshly severed baby as blood gushed and stained the other two babies, 

   Where does he start? Who the heck did this? 
   "My baby! My baby!! No!! What's wrong!!!?? Its my baby!! 

  Its my baby!! "She kept screaming and her maids all scurried in, 
  He went to the cot and separated the half dead baby from the live ones, 

They started crying, screaming and yelling but the half dead one was so silent but still breathing, 

  His neck slit and the cut looks so deep, 
   "Get me my royal doctor!!! "He yelled to no one in particular and someone ran out to get the royal doctor, 

    He carried the baby as weak as he was and ran to his own room, 
  He didn't act kingly about this one... He was being a father as he laid the baby on his bed. 

His heart was beating faster, he won't think of who did it until his baby is okay else that person would be skinned alive, 

    "I have the person who did it! "Kyla screamed as she came into the king's chambers, 

  With deep rage, his eyes came in contact with the killer whom Kyla was dragging by her neck.... 


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