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   My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« FΔ«fty

  "What!! "
"What!!! "
   "What!!! "

  "What!!!! "
"What!!!! "
"What!!! "
  "What!!! "

"What!!! "
  "What!!! "

 The ten queens screamed from different locations that they were when they heard the news of the king's royal wedding tonight, 

  What's he trying to do? Another wife? Probably his mistress! 
  That's how shocking it is because its even today!! 

Does he really care about her that much? What about them? Does he even look at them? 

He has never been to their room since they put to bed or is it because they gave birth to a girl?
  Why won't she be a witch? 
  "I can't take it! "Kyla wept into her mother's arms, 
  "I can't mother! She's taking everything away from me!!

Do you think I will have a say when she becomes queen this night? 
  The king loves her!! He won't even look at me again! 

    I know she's the one who asked him to marry her! He likes doing anything that she tells her! 
She will always.... "

  "Hush! Its okay daughter, "
  "Its not okay! She has three male children and I have none! I have none mother!! 

She will trample on me!! "
  "That shouldn't fear you okay? 
  I will make sure that she will cry tonight or the next one my daughter "

  She smiled sheepishly after she said that to her daughter who was eager to know what she had in mind, 

"What is it? "She asked and they began to whisper.... 

Later in the evening, 
   She stepped out in her bridal wear, 
  She had never been so happy like tonight, 

   Fifty new maids were added to the original ten that she used to have, 

Her status is really elavated to the highest in the palace cuz the highest maid which everyone can have in the palace is 40 and she has fifty! 

   She couldn't stop smiling, even those golden bracelets on her neck are really huge ane expensive!! 

The king was the one who wore her that by himself! Everything seems so changed in a space of minutes just because of her! 

  She smiled, the king can do anything for her, its just a matter of seconds and all will be done! 

    He can shift the world for her! 
  She smirked and she stood in the middle... Her glassy high heels weren't touching the bare floor, 

   A separate shiny material pattern adorned with richly royal drawings was spread on the floor and flowers were sprinkled on it by her maids who were walking ahead of her before she can stand or walk on them, 

  Only the king and the queen mother receives the kind of treatment and it looks like... She's being celebrated just like the king! 

  Wow! She will really love to get some women jealous especially Kyla, 
  Where is she??... She asked herself as she searched for her with her eyes as she walked past and everyone kept bowing for her, 

    Their eyes met and she smiled at her in a very coy manner waiting for her to bow her head and greet her and she did, 

    She smiled with swollen pride and walked on until she was nearing the king who was already standing with the chief priest who will bless their marriage, 

   Her heart felt so fulfilled when her eyes met her king standing right infront of the god Poseidon waiting for her to get to him, 

    Immediately they locked eyes, a smile formed at the corner of her lips.... 

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