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  My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« Fōrty=NΔ«nΔ“

 His happy expression quickly dissapeared and a frown was the only thing on his face, 

    "What? I.. "
  She avoided his gaze, 
Why can't he get it? She's trying to help him! 

She's trying to make life very easy for him! 
  Why can't he just leave her alone? 

   He won't! She knows that! He's as stubborn as hell! She knows that but she has to try, 

She wants to be his queen but then, what about the future? She will keep on waiting, they will keep on calling her a witch, 

What about the queens? How will she cope around them? 
  She gulped, 
  "I... My king... Just let me go"

That's what she wants right now, she can come back some other time but now, all she wants to do is to go back to her home town which she left nine years ago, 

    "I don't want to and stop mentioning it to me, 
I don't want to hear it! 
   I will elevate your status to the extent that even my mother can't bring you down, 

Maybe then... Maybe when you marry me, I will let you go back to your hometown, 
  I know I messed real bad around you but I love you, 

  I really do, look at my eyes and stop avoiding them Deanee, 
  I love you so much"he repeated holding her jaw, 

  He stood up and carried his baby to the cot where he lay him down carefully to avoid him from waking up, 

  He came back quietly to the bed and held her hands into his, 
   She was having double minds now, 

   Being with him... Its the most loving thing but no! She will have to wait, she will keep on waiting, 

    "I won't make you wait for me, I will be the one to wait for you, 
I swear on that, 
  I will never make you wait anymore, 

 I will make sure that I will be the one to come to you"he vowed drawing closer to her, 

  She was succumbing, 
He touched her face and touched the loose ends of her hair, 
   "I love you so much Deanee and maybe that's why they call you a witch, 

 I thought you said that you don't mind being my witch? I don't care either, 

I rather be bewitched by you than to someone else Deanee, 
I really care about you "

  He said shifting closer and closer to her, 
  She was getting better, 
   She hugged him and he rubbed his hands all over her back, 

  They disengaged for a moment, 
  "I want you "she mumbled looking into his eyes and he cupped her face with his hands, 

   "I want you more"he whispered into her ear with his breath brushing against her neck, 

  She relaxed into his arms, 
  "I need you right now "
  "I need you more "
  And then a kiss and a hot romance began, 

  He stripped her naked carefully as she struggled to get him naked too,
Soon, she was pinned down to the bed with him on top of her, 
   "Are you okay? "He asked her and she nodded, 

  He continued with what he started.... 


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