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   My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« Fōrty=Γ‹Δ«ght

  There was high tension in the whole room, 
   Her eyes were filled with tears, 

  He never knew that she has been bottling all this up inside of her but he won't be able to let her go, 

   "I love you, don't listen to anyone but me"
She gave a little cackle at the calm voice which just spoke out, 

  "What do you take me for? Tell me, how many times do I see you in a day? 
 And I shouldn't listen to anyone? 

   I can't stay here! You really don't know how much I've been through, 

  I need to go home, I have my own tasks to complete, 
I haven't avenged my family's death and I need to do that"

   "What if I do that for you? Don't go and I won't allow it"
  "I need to get married and... "
  "Why do you need marriage when am here"

   She looked up to his face, he's about to cry, 
   "I will make you my queen, so please don't leave, 

I will make more time for you, "
  "I just want to leave"she repeated, 
  "Then am going to go with you"

  "I don't want you to, "
  "What else do you want me to do!! 
  I will punish anyone who abuses you"

 "And you're giving everyone more room to call me a witch who bewitched the king"

   He was restless, 
What does she really want? He can't tell, 
   He hit his lower lip and then stormed out of her room, 

She breathed out, 
  All those breath that she has been holding in, 
  She let it out and then rushed to her children who were on a big giant royal cot meant for princes, 

  She touched their heads and kissed them affectionately before she began to cry again, 


  "I need everything arranged, there will be a royal wedding this evening "
  "Royal wedding this evening?? "

  His royal servant asked him and he nodded his head, 
   "Yes, everyone should prepare for it, 
  Get every best people for everything! 

I need it to be grand! "
  "But... It can't be possible today alone!, 
  What about the wears for the king and the.... "

  "My mistress "he completed the sentence for him, 
   He gasped, 
  "Your mistress? But... "

  "No questions!! Don't bother telling the queen mother about whatever thing am doing! 

So be fast about everything please!!! "
  "Yes my king"he left the king's room and he heaved and then left for Deanee's room once more, 

    He met her already sleeping on the bed with one of the babies lying by her side, 

   Probably sucking on her br**st, 
   Even though the whole condition seemed so quite tough, 

  He still smiled seeing those beautiful eyes of hers, 
 It made his heart beat faster when he saw her legs as they were stretched out, 

   He sat down beside her on the bed beaming, 
   Why would she really want him to leave her? 

  She had smeared his heart so much with all the good things in life that he won't want to let her go, 

  Her eyes opened when she couldn't feel her baby by her side once more only to meet him carrying his baby and smiling at her, 

   "We're getting married "he announced thinking that will make her happy, 
  "I don't want to marry you ".... 

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