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   My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

        Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« Fōrty=SΓ«vΓ«n

  She gulped, 
    "My king "she mumbled and clung to his side before he pushed her away,

By that time, Deanee had strolled away to her room, 
   He followed her, 
    "Go away "she mumbled as she stood in her room, 

  With her back facing him, 
  He didn't leave, he got close to her and gave her a back hug, 

    She took in a deep breath the moment his hands wrapped around her tiny waist with his huge body almost covering her slender nature, 

  She felt secure and safe in his arms, 
  She turned her face and went into his huge body which wrapped around her, 

   She began to cry, 
   And he hates to see her cry, at least not anymore, 
Everything is over now, 

   Why is she still crying?
     She shouldn't anymore, 
   "Why won't you stop your tears from flowing? "

   "I want to get out of here, it has started to get suffocating "she mumbled and then raised up her face so as to look into his eyes, 

   He gulped searching for something inside her eyes before he can be able to reply her questions, 

   "You want to leave me? "
  "I don't want to but.... I have to, everyone, even you... Everything that I... I... I can't stay here anymore, 

I can't take it anymore, I thought I can bear everything but I can't.... "
   He hugged her tighter, 
  "All you need is a hug and nothing else, 

  All you need is a hug, you need a hug from me "
  She pushed him away, 
  "I want to stop being your mistress, I want to stop being your slave! Don't you get it? "

  "Do you regret it? Have you started to regret it? "He asked and she hesitated before answering, 

    "I really don't want to but... I think... "
  "Say no more! "He was getting super nervous, 

Loosing her again? He doesn't want to lose her once more, 
   Months without her thought him a big lesson not to ever lose her, 

  It thought him to always respect this girl who is by his side and.... No!! 

He can't! 
  "What about our children?? "He asked and she wiped her tear and sniffed before her eyes traveled to the corner where her children were sleeping soundly, 

    "They will stay in the palace because they are prince... "
  "What about me? "He was getting angry especially as she keep avoiding his gaze, 

   "I don't know about you"
  "What's wrong with you!!! "He yelled at her and it seemed to boil up her adrenaline as she descended on him, 

  "Wrong?? Did you just say that?? You really want to know what's wrong with me? Do you know how much I've been through? 

   Do you know that I've been all alone in this.... "
  "I thought we've forgot about all that?! "He snapped at her, 

  "Forgotten?? Gosh! Really? That am always a second choice! 
  I'm just someone who you run to when you need comfort! You need a shoulder to lean on! 

But when it comes to choices!!! When it comes there... You know what and what to choose!!

   I'm a witch! I'm a real witch! I thought my triplets is gonna bring peace here!! 

Did it!! How can it when I'm the only one who had boys!! 
  Aren't I a witch!!! 
This palace is so stuffy and I feel like am suffocating and I need some space!! 

  I want to go and you should allow me to leave!!! "She stopped for a moment, 

  "I won't! "


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