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   My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« Fōrty=SΓ―x
  Bradford's first wife stood behind him with her hands akimbo, 
   There was a huge silence between them, 

   He sighed while she did same thing, 
  "So after everything... "She began, and he turned to look at her, 

    "All is lost! Even Declan have backed out, 
So I heard.... But I never knew that he could have the liver to kill his own blood brother from the same mother,"

  "That's to tell you how strong and bold he have become, 
  You think you can face him now? 
No one dares not even his mother! 

  He has three healthy sons at one go!! "
  Brad got more furious at her question, 
  "Why must it be her? Why must it be that stupid Verne's slave that will keep on ruining things for me! 

   Why must she keep ruining things for me!! 
  All the queens... Not even one of them could get a son for the king but her!! 

Why three at a go? Why?? Huh!! "
   She hugged him patting her back gently, 

   "Its okay, everything will be fine"
  "Fine?? "
  She nodded her head with a smile, 

  "Come on, I left your food on the table for you to eat "
   He looked into her eyes and then cupped her face, 

    The emotions which flooded through their eyes were unexplainable, 
  "I'm sorry "he apologized to her, 

  "Its okay, its really fine"
  She smiled and fell to his chest so she will feel him more, 

    He wrapped her hands around her skin, 
  "Its fine, I'm sorry I did terrible things all for nothing! 
  I... I just wanted to make you my queen... A real one"

  "I was always your queen from the start of things "
  He kissed her forehead, 
  "I'm sorry for taking in more wives.... "

  "Its alright, its okay, let's go eat something and stop fighting for the throne, 

  Try and gain the king's trust and honesty once more "
  He nodded and followed her out of the room, 

    πŸ—£There she is!! 
   πŸ—£Oh my gosh! 
   πŸ—£She's the one with three boys in her tummy? 

πŸ—£She's beautiful! 
  πŸ—£She's really a witch! 
πŸ—£Why would she do that? 
πŸ—£Why would she enchant the queens? 

  πŸ—£She has met her doom today! 
πŸ—£I hate her the more! 
πŸ—£I wonder what she used on the king that always makes him lose his senses whenever he's with her, 

   Her head was still bowed down as tears rolled freely out of her eyes as Kyla heaped blames upon blames on her, 

   She kept abusing her, she kept yelling at her infront of everyone, 

   She couldn't even speak, of course, its so strange, why is she the only one that got triplet? 

Why is she the only one with the boys? All the queens who conceived with her all got girls except her, 

  Isn't that strange, who won't suspect her? 
She won't blame anyone for saying anything bad to her, 

    "You witch! Why don't you die! 
Why? Why did you take my boy away from me!! 

  You enchanted me! You bewitched my baby and swapped it!! 
  Give him back!! Its my baby and not yours witch!! 

Everyone look at her! She's a witch! 
  She's a witch!!! "She yelled looking at everyone, 

   "And what do you think you're doing?? "The king's voice was heard and everywhere went calm,

Everyone began to steal away, 
  His eyes went to Deanee immediately before his eyes went to Kyla, 

  "What do you think you're doing?? "

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