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(Is Han Zhuoli Bearing Grudges or What?!)

Han Zhuoli laughed. “However, I just like this temper of hers. Furthermore, she really is capable and doesn’t need my help. She would always be able to solve the problem on her own even before I stepped in. In the past, she had conflicts with Director Zhang Lun, Director Liang Chengbing, and other artistes within the circle, like Qiao Luna and many others.”

The people whom Han Zhuoli had named all shuddered inwardly.

Was Han Zhuoli bearing grudges or what?!

He actually named them right there and then!

Fang Jialin was also a little stunned. This was a live-stream!

If Han Zhuoli just said it right now, there was no way they could cut it out. It would all be broadcasted.

“However, she relied on herself to resolve all those conflicts. She did not need me to intervene at all,” Han Zhuoli said with a smile. “It is precisely because of this that I did not disclose our marriage. Because once I’ve stated it, there would definitely be many people who’d feel that all her accomplishments were because of me. In actual fact, this is not true. Such malicious rumors are totally unfair to her.

“I know how much hard work and effort she has put in so far on this journey. I don’t want it all to go to waste. She clearly did not rely on me for much, yet other people will still point fingers at her and reject all her hard work and effort. This would be totally unfair to her.

“That’s why I decided to keep it a secret.” Han Zhuoli held Lu Man’s hand and said, “However, I also had a hard time. After all, it was not easy for me to finally marry her, yet I could not tell other people about it. This made my heart really anxious as well.”

Even though everyone was still in a state of shock, when they heard Han Zhuoli’s words, they still could not help but laugh.

Han Zhuoli stared at Lu Man and smiled with exceptional affection as he said, “But she also told me that, regardless of whether those words were good or bad, she was not afraid. I can choose not to announce our marriage because I did not want her to get hurt, but she can also choose to go public with our relationship for me, so that I can be by her side openly in public.”

Fang Jialin sighed and said, “So, both of you are thinking for each other.”

Thinking of Han Zhuoli’s concerns, Fang Jialin no doubt had high EQ as he smoothly continued to say, “I think everyone wouldn’t deny all the accomplishments and hard work Lu Man has achieved and put it. All of her past accomplishments came from her own effort. This is something we can all tell. We can’t deny her efforts just because her husband is called Han Zhuoli.

“Ever since Lu Man first entered the entertainment industry, even if one might not think well of her in other aspects, when it comes to her acting skills, there is really nothing to pick on. From Greedy Wolf Operation to Red Tiger, and then to the acting segment in Classic X Files, she always used her own capabilities to prove her solid acting skills. That is why, today, it was natural for her to win the Best Newcomer Award.”

Fang Jialin took the chance to speak up for Lu Man. “Young Master Han’s identity is something that cannot be changed. It was just such a coincidence that he is Lu Man’s husband. This is not a bad thing, but to deny Lu Man’s accomplishments and her capabilities because of this would be doing a great injustice to Lu Man.

“I believe everyone has basic skills to judge for themselves and will not refute Lu Man’s achievements just because of this,” Fang Jialin said with a smile.

Han Zhuoli was smiling unusually often tonight.

After his relationship with Lu Man went public, the smile on his face almost never left.

Aside from staring at Lu Man, when his face would be all smiles, he would also give a faint smile to other people at least.



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