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(Traps After Traps)

Lin Jinshu stared at the screen coldly. “Of course, how can we let Lu Man get all the good things in life?”


Lu Man and Han Zhuoli sat in the car and went home. On the way home, Lu Man’s incoming calls were never-ending.

Everyone was calling her, from her past colleagues to *Greedy Wolf Operation’*s and Red Tiger’s main cast.

These people all knew about her and Han Zhuoli.

Although she did not say it explicitly back then, Han Zhuoli’s high profile as he was visiting the shoots surely made the situation clear to the actors from the production.

Lu Man thanked them one by one. After answering a few calls, she felt her throat turning dry already.

On Weibo, there was suddenly a flood of artistes in the industry who tagged her, congratulated her for the award, and even sent well wishes for her and Han Zhuoli.

She had not crossed paths with any of these people before, not even exchanging a word with them.

She knew that these people were all flocking to her to make themselves known to Han Zhuoli.

There were some whom she had really met at the awards ceremony just now, but they either ignored her, did not talk to her, or were with Zhang Lun’s circle that discriminated against her.

In the end, they all came out now to act as if they were on good terms with her, as if nothing unhappy had ever happened and congratulated her passionately.

Lu Man did not reply to those people she did not know.

As there were too many, she could not finish replying to all of them one by one, but she did thank everyone for their well-wishes on the whole.

As for those two-faced people, Lu Man did not bother about them at all.

When she finally settled all these, she saw Han Zhuoli using his phone as well.

Lu Man glanced over and saw that he was in the “8864” chat.

Yan Huaian: “@Han Zhuoli, you’re really something, you punk. It’s either you don’t announce it or you announce it with a bang. How does it feel to show off your romance in front of the whole country?”

Han Zhuoli: “It feels damn good. Now everyone knows Man Man is my wife. I can say I’m very proud now.”

Wei Zilin: “…I’ll hold a press conference tomorrow and announce my relationship again. Will that be too late?”

Qi Chenglin: “Too late, too late. You’ve been married for so long already. Stop dreaming.”

Qi Chengzhi: “Brothers, Zhuo Zi is someone with such a huge presence. One cannot help but admit.”

Nan Jingheng: “The thing I really admire is how Big Brother Han brings his marriage certificate around with him. He’s got so many tricks up his sleeve.”

Yan Beicheng: “Haha, your wives asked me, why don’t you guys bring your marriage certificates with you?”

Nan Jingheng: “…Yian also asked me that, as well as whether I ever secretly considered this.”

Chu Zhaoyang: “…”

Wei Ziqi: “What’s up? Was Old Chu asked as well?”

Chu Zhaoyang: “From tomorrow onwards, bring it with you.”

Qi Chenglin: “Zhuo Zi really sinned big time.”

Lu Man was reminded of it and asked Han Zhuoli, “How long more do you intend to bring this marriage certificate with you?”

“I will put it back when I’m home. What if I lose such an important thing like this?” Han Zhuoli said solemnly.

Lu Man: “…”

So he lied to everyone that he brought it everywhere with him. Now he wanted to keep it at home.

Was that appropriate?

Han Zhuoli put down his phone and stopped talking to those brothers of his.

He held Lu Man’s hand and smiled in satisfaction. “I can finally do this openly now. This feels great.”

Lu Man solemnly nodded. One of her hands was held by Han Zhuoli, the other hand was wrapped around his elbow.

Han Zhuoli said, “Why don’t we go and shop tomorrow?”

Lu Man: “…”

“There’s nothing I need to buy.”

“Let’s just walk around casually. It’s fine if you don’t buy anything,” Han Zhuoli said.



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