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(Bumping into Han Zhuoli and Lu Man Everywhere)

Lu Man: “…”

She only just realized that many people who were originally jogging had, without her noticing, taken out their phones and started taking photos of them, no longer running.

There were gasps all around them. “This must be Lu Man and Han Zhuoli!”

“They are so compatible!”

“They have just been showing their love publicly last night, yet today they’re already out jogging together. This is too much PDA for singles to take.”

“Well, they can finally walk together in public openly.”

The people around them were either curious about them or well-wishers. The general atmosphere was considered more friendly.

Thinking about it, no one would be so mean as to go up to the couple to talk bad about them.

There were many people taking photos, so the photos got uploaded online immediately.

“It’s rare that I came out to exercise today. I actually met Han Zhuoli and Lu Man. Both of them look really good together. They look 100 times better in real life than in photos!”

“They were being lovey-dovey all the way. Han Zhuoli’s eyes never left Lu Man. His hand was also holding on to Lu Man, as if afraid that he would lose her.”

“Can tell that they are not just putting on an act. They’re not purposely doing it for other people to see. It’s like a natural thing for them to do. I’m so envious of them.”

“Han Zhuoli really likes Lu Man. Lu Man also looks exceptionally happy beside Han Zhuoli. They really have a loving relationship.”

Behind them, cries of envy and well-wishes naturally followed.

Han Zhuoli took Lu Man to walk around for three whole rounds, until many people caught wind of the news online and rushed over to see them. They almost clogged up the whole place before Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man away.

When they got back to the car, Lu Man finally heaved a sigh of relief. “I was so scared that we weren’t going to be able to leave.”

“I didn’t expect everyone to be so passionate.” Han Zhuoli nodded in satisfaction. “Next time, we have to come out more often for people to photograph us.”

Lu Man: “…”

He must have felt that today’s photo-taking session was not enough.

When the two of them got home, washed up, and ate breakfast, Han Zhuoli pulled Lu Man along with him to go shopping and clog up the streets again.

He especially did not let Lu Man wear a cap or glasses so that everyone could recognize her.

Hence, photos like these appeared on Weibo.

“I saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man on XXX road.”

“I saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man at XXX mall.”

“I saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man at XXX restaurant.”

One topic slowly rose to the top. “Running into Han Zhuoli and Lu Man Everywhere.”

Some netizens could not help but ask, “Is Han Zhuoli bringing Lu Man around the whole city today? How is it possible that people can run into them everywhere?”

“I did a map of their journey. These are the places that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man have been to already.” The netizen immediately uploaded a picture of a map from his phone.

The photo marked out the places Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had been to. It clearly showed that they went one whole round around the inner city and were moving outwards.

“This is crazy. Are Han Zhuoli and Lu Man planning to go around the whole city today?”

“No wonder so many people have seen them already. They must be doing this on purpose.”

Lu Man was also dumbstruck.

She had underestimated what Han Zhuoli meant by “shopping.”

At first, she thought that they were just going to walk along a street to shop and let everyone take a look at them being together.

She never expected Han Zhuoli’s goal to be so big. He was aiming to go around the whole city.

By the time they reached home, Lu Man was so tired that she did not feel like moving and lay on the sofa, no longer able to move.

“If you tell me we are going shopping next time, you better tell me clearly!” Lu Man took a gulp of water and continued, “If it’s this kind of shopping, I’m not going anymore.”

Han Zhuoli laughed as he sat down beside her. He placed Lu Man’s legs on his lap then took off her shoes and started to massage her feet.



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