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(Got Uncomfortable Under His Gaze)

“What happened back then was like a soap opera, so I won’t go into details. To put it simply, a misunderstanding caused our separation. And the person who caused this misunderstanding was my ex-wife, Lin Jinshu. She set me up and lied to Qingwei, breaking us up using the most underhanded and despicable means.

“Of course, I bear some responsibility for what happened back then, I was too easily tricked. If I’d been more careful, if I’d discovered her plans earlier, Qingwei wouldn’t have been hurt. Then I divorced my ex-wife exactly because I discovered the truth. But after the divorce, I did not seek out Qingwei. I thought she was happily married and did not know that she was betrayed by her ex-husband and had divorced long ago. And as such, after many twists and turns, I finally got reunited with her after so many years.”

“Then could you tell us, how did you reunite?” Fang Jialin was moved.

“It’s still thanks to Lu Man and Han Zhuoli. They were engaged by then, and Lu Man and Qingwei went over to the Han Family home during New Year’s. I was also there to pay my respects after returning from abroad, and so we met.”

Wang Juhuai sighed. “After regretting it for so many years, I didn’t want things to stay that way. Hence, we got married.”

Fang Jialin exclaimed, “Who could have guessed that you’d both never have a change of heart after so many years? It’s just as Lu Man said, it is never too late when it comes to love, as long as you and I are together in the end.”

Though Wang Juhuai had said it simply, who couldn’t guess what methods Lin Jinshu had employed back then?

They were likely those most often used by third-parties.

If not, why would Wang Juhuai marry then divorce her?

Lin Jinshu had claimed that Xia Qingwei was the third party previously, but it turned out she herself was the mistress.

Wang Juhuai once again gave Lin Jinshu one tight slap over the air.

Even more vicious than the one before!

Lin Jinshu’s face contorted in anger as she looked at the screen.

Getting slapped by Lu Man was not enough, Wang Juhuai still had to step up the game.

Did they think they’re a real father-daughter pair?

Wang Qianyun felt similarly.

To see Han Zhuoli shower public displays of affection on Lu Man, and see him carrying the marriage certs around with him…

He just loved Lu Man that much, didn’t he?!

Because there was a time limit for the award ceremony, Fang Jialin could not spend all the available time on Han Zhuoli, Wang Juhuai, and the others, even if he still had plenty of questions to ask. Hence, he continued with the rest of the show.

But the cameras still filmed Han Zhuoli and Lu Man once in a while.

Now that they had gone public, Han Zhuoli was no longer hiding his love. His eyes never once strayed to the stage; they stuck resolutely on Lu Man.

Lu Man wished to watch the proceedings properly, but Han Zhuoli was looking at her so lovingly, his eyes burning and piercing with such passion that Lu Man could not ignore it at all.

She started to get uncomfortable under his gaze.

Because she really could not disregard his stare, she turned to look at him.

Only to see Han Zhuoli’s lovey-dovey eyes and his face full of happiness.

She had seen this foolish look during the few days after they’d registered their marriage, and she never thought that she would get to witness it once more today after they announced their relationship publicly.

Lu Man lost any thoughts of watching the stage and smiled sweetly at Han Zhuoli.

And the world narrowed until they were the only ones left in each other’s eyes.

Han Zhuoli held her hand and squeezed it sporadically.

“So good to finally hold your hand out in the public like this,” Han Zhuoli said joyfully. Feeling dissatisfied, he held up her hand and kissed her knuckles before putting them to his chest and patting them as if they were a cat.

Lu Man: “…”



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