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(What’s Lu Man Doing?)

Xia Qingyang wanted to say that you raised a daughter and gave it freely to another person.

But she dared not, for fear that Lu Qiyuan would scold her for going overboard.

“Forget it, Mom.” Lu Qi shook Xia Qingyang’s arms, putting on an act. “She never treated us as her family. Didn’t we know this already? Why bring this up again?”

“I’m just feeling sorry for your dad,” Xia Qingyang said. “Look, when your dad was sick, Zhengbai helped us tremendously even though he’s not yet fully a proper son-in-law. But look at Lu Man, she never informed us when she got married. Not just us both, she never even told your dad. We had to find out through the Internet.

“And she didn’t show her face when your dad is sick, her husband as well,” Xia Qingyang complained.

“Maybe she’s afraid her in-laws would be upset?” Lu Qi said gently. “Goes to show that her in-laws are not as magnanimous as the He Family. She said that they’re rich, but they’re probably not that impressive anyway, going by their stingy ways. Big Sister’s afraid that doing so would upset her in-laws, so she’s trying to dismiss our relationship.”

Xia Qingyang loved hearing Lu Qi’s words.

So what if Lu Man’s doing better than before?

Her career might have surpassed Lu Qi’s, but wasn’t her man still worse than He Zhengbai?

Xia Qingyang could only comfort herself this way.

The award ceremony officially started, and the three of them desperately wanted to know if Lu Man won any awards.

Lu Qi acted like she knew what was going on, saying, “I guess Lu Man’s not likely to win. Both her movies might have done well, but the results were the movies’, nothing to do with Lu Man’s character. She does have a big part to play in the movies’ doing well, but that’s because of her public relations skills, not because of her acting skills.”

Lu Qi smiled. “But this is judged based on acting skills, and she can’t depend on her PR skills. To judge based on acting and roles, both her roles are insufficient.”

“That’s what I feel too. Since there are so many better actors than her, why would they choose a greenhorn? What would the more hardworking actors think then? Wouldn’t it be unfair?” Xia Qingyang said in a similar vein.

Lu Qiyuan said lowly, “She’s totally not suitable for winning. Might as well let her know her worth this time around.”

Lu Qi said softly, “I’m just scared that she wouldn’t admit it and still think that she’s very good.”

Hence, the three of them started a discussion.

Of course, they were all bad things about Lu Man.

Indeed, there was no nomination for Lu Man before the Best Newcomer Award.

Lu Qi and Xia Qingwei were elated.

But instantly, they heard the announced names of the nominated that were shown on the screen, and Lu Man was among them!

Xia Qingyang laughed awkwardly. “Oh, well. No matter what, Lu Man has two movies that did well under her belt. It’d be too weird for her not to be nominated.”

But winning it would be too far-fetched.

Both Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi thought so.

And in the end?

Lu Man still won the Best Newcomer Award!

Lu Qi felt her whole body stiffen.

Despite entering the entertainment industry such a long time ago, she’d never won a prestigious award even once. But Lu Man was such a newbie and yet she won an international film festival award!

The three of them thought this was the most surprising thing of the night.

Alas, they saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man hugging immediately after.

“What’s Lu Man doing?” Xia Qingyang shrieked. “Is she shameless or what?!”



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