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(The Han Family Is Our In-laws)

Lu Qi actually wanted to say that Lu Man did not want to live anymore!

She actually dared to use this chance to hug Han Zhuoli!

Lu Qi also thought that Lu Man was doing this for the attention and to rake up some reports and topics about herself.

“Lu Man is really unscrupulous when it comes to creating buzz about herself. She would make use of anyone.” Lu Qi scoffed. She did not even think about who she was trying to use; she’d end up not even knowing how she died.

Han Zhuoli would not care whether it was a live-stream or not.

Lu Qi watched in anticipation, waiting for Lu Man’s downfall.

Who knew that, right afterward, she’d actually see Han Zhuoli cupping Lu Man’s head and kissing her?!

Lu Qi was dumbstruck. She felt like her mind just exploded.

Xia Qingyang screamed in a hoarse voice and shouted, “This is crazy, absolutely crazy! This is impossible! Could Lu Man and Han Zhuoli really be together?”

Lu Qi recalled the suspicion that she refused to acknowledge and said timidly, “In the past, there were rumors in the school that Lu Man’s husband’s surname was Han. Back then, I already guessed that it might be related to Han Zhuoli. However, I did not dare to think about it. After all…”

After all, it would be too scary.

Who’d have guessed that it was actually true?!

Xia Qingyang did not dare to believe what she saw. The TV was still showing Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

It focused on Lu Man all the way until she went up on stage to give her acceptance speech and admit that Han Zhuoli was her husband.

Xia Qingyang screamed, “Her husband is really Han Zhuoli?!”

At first, she still thought that there was one thing where Lu Man fared in worse than Lu Qi, which was that Lu Man’s beau was definitely not on par with He Zhengbai.

And now?

Lu Man’s husband was actually Han Zhuoli!

Forget about the entertainment industry or B City. There was no one in the whole country that could hold a candle to Han Zhuoli.

Internationally, there were only so few that were comparable to him.

To compare He Zhengbai with such a person?

That was impossible!

Xia Qingyang was about to go crazy from rage.

It was as if everything started going downhill ever since that time when they failed to frame Lu Man.

At first, the advantages were all with her and Lu Qi. Lu Qi’s career was improving by the day and she had a rich, tall, and handsome fiance like He Zhengbai.

She and Lu Qi were the real winners in life.

But ever since they failed to frame Lu Man, there was a turn of events.

Lu Man’s career got better and better. Xia Qingwei’s illness got better, and she even got back together with Wang Juhuai!

Lu Man herself got married to Han Zhuoli.

It was as if she struck the lottery!

How could Lu Man’s luck be so good?!

Xia Qingyang said coldly, “Lu Man hid it from us so painstakingly. She had been with Han Zhuoli for so long, yet she didn’t even breathe a word about it.

“Haha, if Lu Man was willing to let Han Zhuoli help, why would our family still need to worry? Your dad’s company can resolve its troubles. Would any roles that you want not be available to you?” Xia Qingyang said angrily. “Your dad was hospitalized; could the Han Family still lack that pittance? Forget about the Han Family, even Lu Man herself won’t lack that amount of money. Yet she had not even come back to see your dad once. Now that she’s Mrs. Han, all the more she wants to cut off ties with us.”

Xia Qingyang side-eyed Lu Qiyuan and said, “I think Lu Man just can’t wait for our family to all go and die!”

Lu Qiyuan stood up in anger, but because he had just recovered, he had not fully recuperated.

He stood up too suddenly and swayed twice before almost collapsing again.

Lu Qiyuan steadied himself and said in a sombre voice, “Since Lu Man has made a name for herself, all the more she should spare a thought for this family. No matter what, the Han Family is also our in-laws.”


At the same time, at Lin Jinshu’s home.

Wang Qianyun was facing the television, but she was not in the mood to continue watching the live-stream anymore.



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