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(Really Impressive Carrying the Certs Everywhere with Him)

“I remember Young Master Han’s second Weibo post was when he’s announcing his marriage.” Following Fang Jialin’s words, the screen showed another picture.

It depicted Han Zhuoli and Lu Man holding the marriage certificate together, though in the photo, only their hands wearing the wedding rings were shown. It appeared especially warm and romantic under the lights.

“Would the two of you be willing to take the exact same photo again? With your faces revealed, of course,” Fang Jialin suggested. “You guys didn’t reveal your faces in that previous photo because of various concerns. But now that you’ve gone public, we’ll take one with your faces shown, how ’bout it?”

“But we don’t have our marriage certs with us!” Lu Man laughed; who brings their marriage certs with them everywhere they go?

Cough. Han Zhuoli cleared his throat all of a sudden, looking at Lu Man incredulously.

Lu Man: “…”

Judging from his reaction, could he have brought the marriage certs with him?

He didn’t, right?!

“Jaw-dropping. Does Young Master Han really bring his marriage certs everywhere he goes?”

“If it’s true, it’s really too mushy!”

“They’ve been married for some time, don’t tell me he’s been carrying it with him?”

“Impossible, that’s too much!”

But immediately, Han Zhuoli stoically took out a small red booklet from the inner pocket of his suit.

Everyone at the venue: “…”

Netizens watching the live-stream: “…”

“Haha, I’ve learned something new today.”

“Never knew you’re actually like this, Han Zhuoli.”

“This old guy’s heart can’t take the abuse from their love anymore. Really impressive, carrying the certs everywhere with him!”

“Did he prepare to declare their relationship tonight?”

“There’s still no need to carry the certs around with him even if they’re going public! It’s too much!”

“I’m so envious of Lu Man. How did she catch such a cute guy like Han Zhuoli?!”

“I’m believing in love again.”

Only Lu Man, Fang Jialin, Han Zhuoling at the side, and the people behind them saw Han Zhuoli’s ears redden despite his calm facade.

“…” Fang Jialin could not believe his eyes, only chuckling a few moments later. “Young Master Han, you really bring the certs everywhere you go, eh?”

Who knew Han Zhuoli would actually nod seriously? “This is concrete proof of my marriage.”

Everybody: “…”

Fang Jialin glanced at the wedding ring on his ring finger. You’ve posted on Weibo and wear the ring; who’ll doubt your marital status? he thought.

And to carry the marriage certs around with him, that’s just crazy!

The crazy Han Zhuoli showed his marriage certs and grabbed Lu Man’s hands, both of them holding the cert.

Two hands formed a heart and took a photo together.

This time, Lu Man revealed her face, including the ring on her ring finger.

The gossip regarding Han Zhuoli and Lu Man tonight was more than enough. Fang Jialin smiled as he wished Han Zhuoli and Lu Man all the best.

“We gained something unexpected from tonight’s award ceremony.” Fang Jialin smiled and moved towards Wang Juhuai. “Not only did Young Master Han reveal his relationship with Lu Man, but we also managed to catch a glimpse of Mr. and Mrs. Wang.”

“Ever since Mr. Wang returned, he’d attended only one public event, and this is the second. We can’t let go of this opportunity, can we?” Fang Jialin said gaily.

Wang Juhuai was graceful and gentlemanly, smiling good-naturedly and holding Xia Qingwei’s hand while looking warmly at her.

“From what I’ve gathered from Lu Man’s speech just now, it seems both of you have known each other for a long time?” Fang Jialin inquired.

Wang Juhuai knew the purpose behind Lu Man’s words just now, so he did not mind explaining the matter further. “Qingwei’s my first love.”



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