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(Walk Slower, Easier for Everyone to Take Photos)

Lu Man: “…”

This man just wanted to go on the streets to show off his love!

Han Zhuoli was now unleashing himself after suppressing himself for so long.

He was like a fierce tiger springing out of the cage, one that could not wait to just run ten rounds around the field.

This was roughly what Han Zhuoli was feeling right now.

Seeing how this man was behaving right now made Lu Man think that he was just like an excited little child. It was strangely cute. Where was that usual cold and arrogant demeanor of a CEO?

He’d endured it for so long just for her. How would Lu Man bear to reject him?

Hence, she agreed just like that.

In the end, the next morning, Lu Man had not woken up and was still sleeping soundly.

Han Zhuoli woke up first.

Lu Man felt that her ears were itchy, and so was her nose. After a while, her mouth started to itch as well.

She frowned in her sleep and used her hands to try to sweep it away.

However, not long after she did that, her cheeks started itching again.

“Man Man, Man Man.” A low voice rang beside her ear, as if it was a bass voice ringing lightly by it.

Lu Man was still dreaming, so she just stuffed her head into her pillow.

Han Zhuoli chuckled. This lass was actually so cute when she refused to wake up in the morning.

He’d never noticed this in the past.

He carefully tilted Lu Man’s face away from the pillow towards him again.

Han Zhuoli felt a little conflicted. He did not want to disrupt her sleep, so he was really gentle with his actions. However, his ultimate goal was still to wake her up.

However, no matter how light Han Zhuoli’s actions were, Lu Man still woke up from his constant little actions.

She squinted her eyes open and saw Han Zhuoli full of energy and staring at her. He did not look sleepy at all.

Lu Man rubbed her eyes to wake herself up more, but she still felt sleepy. She said in a sleepy voice, “Why are you up so early?”

“Let’s go for a morning jog first,” Han Zhuoli said energetically.

“…” Lu Man stared at the time and realized it was not even six o’clock in the morning. “Since when were you in the habit of taking a morning jog?”

This man always exercised at night in the gym at home. Usually, when he was working, he would leave the house too early and had no time to jog.

When the weekends finally came and he had time to rest, he would always hug her and sleep in.

“Since today,” Han Zhuoli said seriously.

Lu Man: “…”

She had a nagging feeling that he was not really going because he wanted to jog.

However, Lu Man was still dragged out of bed by Han Zhuoli.

Seeing that Han Zhuoli was actually changing into his sportswear, Lu Man also went to dig out her running outfit.

In the end, when they left the house, Han Zhuoli wanted to bring her to the car.

“…” Lu Man was confused. “Aren’t we going to jog?”

“It’s not convenient to run here,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man: “…”

What’s not convenient about it?

However, her instinct told her not to ask.

Alas, even if Lu Man did not ask, Han Zhuoli still answered her anyway. “There are too few people jogging here.”

Lu Man: “…”

Who especially looks for a place with many people to run in?

It was not as if this was a race.

However, Lu Man was still brought to a nearby park by Han Zhuoli.

There were people practicing taichi and doing morning exercises. There were also people skipping to lose weight.

There was also a huge grass patch in the park, and there were people sitting on the long benches beside it to feed the pigeons.

On the path bordering the square were people slowly jogging around the park.

Han Zhuoli nodded in satisfaction. “There are many people here.”

Lu Man: “…”

Alas, Han Zhuoli managed to bring her all the way here but decided not to run. Instead, he just brought Lu Man along with him to loiter around the park.

“We’re not jogging?” Lu Man asked.

“We’re not running. Save some energy so we can go shopping soon.” Han Zhuoli walked around casually and said after a moment’s pause, “Walk slower here so it’s easier for everyone to take photos.”



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