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(Let Lu Man Fall into a Big Trap)

She really could not stand seeing Han Zhuoli and Lu Man showing off their love to the whole country.

From the first time she’d seen Han Zhuoli until now, the Han Zhuoli that she knew had always been exceptionally cold and aloof. No matter who it was, be it guy or girl, he was always cold to them and would distance himself from others, never getting too close to someone else.

Even to Wang Juhuai, he was only slightly more friendly than to other people.

Or else he would not have been clean of scandals for decades. No other woman could get close enough to him.

That was why Wang Qianyun had always thought that she had a chance.

Anyway, given Han Zhuoli’s cold mannerism towards everyone, it just showed that he did not have anyone he liked. That meant that she still had a chance.

At least she was a little closer to Han Zhuoli.

However, the man she always thought was cold and aloof in this aspect actually did not care about the cameras at all and gave all his gentleness to Lu Man.

Now, everyone knew that Han Zhuoli was not born to be cold and aloof, that he was not like that to everyone. Before, he just had not met the person whom he would treat so specially.

He’d met that person now, which was Lu Man, so he was just expressing his love for Lu Man without any reservations in front of everyone else.

Wang Qianyun felt so jealous that her organs almost contorted.

Seeing Wang Qianyun’s reaction, Lin Jinshu said, “I know you’re angry, but what’s the point of being angry now?”

Wang Qianyun’s face trembled as she said, “I won’t let Lu Man have it so easy!”

She coldly browsed through the comments about Lu Man online.

The comments by netizens were both good and bad.

Those bad comments suddenly gave Wang Qianyun inspiration.

“Haha, Lu Man won an award and announced her relationship with Han Zhuoli. It’s like she’s really winning in life now.” Wang Qianyun scoffed and said, “I want to see if she can actually hold on to this award and whether it won’t scald her hands!”

Lin Jinshu guessed Wang Qianyun’s thoughts and said, “You mean…”

“Han Zhuoli kept saying that Lu Man never got any help from him, that Lu Man won this award with her own efforts. Who really knows?” Wang Qianyun said coldly. “With Han Zhuoli around, who will believe that Lu Man truly relied on her own abilities? Since Han Zhuoli was worried previously that other people will think Lu Man was relying on a man, then now, I’ll let his worries come true.”

Lin Jinshu also hated Lu Man to the core now.

If Lu Man had not intervened, how could Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei have escaped from her trap so quickly?

The original plan was favorable to her. She had been on the verge of pushing Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai to a dead end.

However, when Lu Man suddenly intervened, the whole situation changed.

She became the target of the public. She was mocked and now on the verge of being driven out of the elite circles in B City through discrimination.

The amount of hate Lin Jinshu harbored towards Lu Man was about to exceed what she felt towards Xia Qingwei.

If Lu Man had not intervened, she would likely have succeeded by now.

Even if she could not separate Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei immediately, she could still have made Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei live in agony and be devoid of happiness!

However, it was all useless now.

Seeing that Wang Qianyun wanted to deal with Lu Man, Lin Jinshu was 100% supportive of her. She immediately felt that she had a common enemy with Wang Qianyun at that moment.

“I still have some connections in B City. I can find some people and blow this up,” Lin Jinshu immediately said.

“Good.” Wang Qianyun turned to look at Lin Jinshu and said, “Auntie, I know Lu Man ruined your good plans. If not for Lu Man, you would have already succeeded by now. Don’t worry, this time, both of us will join hands and definitely set a huge trap for Lu Man.”



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