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(The Poor Award Winners)

The director had already dedicated one camera to film Lu Man and Han Zhuoli.

Seeing that scene, he urged, “Quick! PD switch cameras! Show them Han Zhuoli and Lu Man!”

As such, the netizens in front of their screens got bombarded with another round of PDA.

Han Zhuoli did not care if the cameras were filming since he was being himself, not putting on a show for others.

Thus, Han Zhuoli was extremely natural.

One look and the audience would know that he was not pretending.

He did nothing else beyond clutching Lu Man’s hand.

The director then let the PD change scenes.

Alas, after a while, Han Zhuoli went on to lightly pinch Lu Man’s ear lobes, having fun by himself playing with it.

The director instantly asked the PD to switch to the couple.

This frequent switching almost dizzied the viewers.

Finally, the whole award ceremony ended and most of the celebrities left, though the popular ones stayed back for a backstage interview segment.

Needless to say, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were included in this segment.

Wang Juhuai never liked such interviews. The organizers had asked him during the invitation if he was willing to accept the backstage interviews.

The organizers were not surprised when Wang Juhuai had rejected back then and did not press further.

Lu Man had an interview for being the winner of the Best Newcomer Award, and now that her and Han Zhuoli’s relationship status had come to light, the interviews were rolled into one.

The main stars of this award ceremony were supposed to be the Best Director, Best Male and Female Leads, and Best Supporting Male and Female Leads.

But none could beat the news sensation of Lu Man and Han Zhuoli making their relationship known.

The reporters were eager for the interview segment to start and swamped the couple for questions, the winners for Best Director, Best Male and Female Leads, and Best Supporting Male and Female Leads long forgotten.

Crowds upon crowds of reporters surrounded Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, countless microphones and cameras shoved into their faces.

Han Zhuoli carefully protected Lu Man, blocking the crowd away from her, not letting them anywhere near Lu Man.

The security guards for the award ceremony also came over to maintain order and make sure the couple did not get trampled on.

“I’ve said what I wanted to say just now, there’s nothing else to add.” Han Zhuoli’s arm went around Lu Man’s waist. “I just want everyone to know that Lu Man’s my wife. We’re going to appear in other events together from now on, and you all will be sick of seeing us then.”

The reporters didn’t know about the future, but they knew for sure that that’s not the case right now.

There were still plenty of questions for the couple.

But sadly, Han Zhuoli refused them the chance.

He only showed his face with Lu Man for a while before being escorted away by security.

Both of them were soon completely gone from sight, and the reporters then went to interview the other winners dejectedly.

The most explosive news of the night was about Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

Compared to them, the award winners seemed lame.

The reporters tonight had had their appetites whetted.

The award winners were small news.

Poor award winners, encountering Han Zhuoli and Lu Man making their relationship known at this time.

They could have made the headlines by winning major awards from a film festival.

Yet now, the reporters had already decided on the headlines and none of them were related to the award winners of the film festival.

Moreover, as if afraid of being slow to publish their news, the reporters all hurriedly interviewed the winners before rushing off.



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