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(Crazy About Pampering His Wife, Overbearingly Protective of His Wife)

The Han Zhuoli now was brimming with gentleness in his eyes.

Fang Jialin could not help but think that even if he said something to make Han Zhuoli angry now, he probably would not be too bothered by it.

However, no one would be so stupid as to deliberately get on Han Zhuoli’s nerves.

“This reminds me of the three Weibo posts that Young Master Han previously posted. The first post mentioned that he got engaged. Right after that, Lu Man also said that she got engaged,” Fang Jialin said, smiling.

The director’s reaction was very fast. He had already asked someone to dig up the post that Lu Man and Han Zhuoli had posted back then and now projected them onto the big screens. “At that time, everyone thought it was a coincidence. Who knew that you both were really engaged to each other?”

Han Zhuoli chuckled and said, “I know. People even thought that Lu Man was trying to ride on my fame back then. Why didn’t they think about whether I was the kind of person who’d casually let other people ride on my fame?”

Back then, Han Zhuoli did and said nothing. That had been an obvious sign that something was off.

However, many people did not want to think along those lines and would not think along those lines no matter how they thought about it.

Who would have linked a small-fry newcomer to the entertainment industry with a big boss like Han Zhuoli?

Even if they had such a great mind, they would not dare to!

The moment Han Zhuoli said that, many people watching the screens who once said Lu Man was trying to ride on Han Zhuoli’s fame and was shameless instantly felt their cheeks burning.

Han Zhuoli was bearing that grudge after enduring for so long and not going public, wasn’t he?!

Now that they finally went public, he was starting to settle scores.

He wanted to air those past grievances all at once.

The insults were non-stop!

Fang Jialin did not know whether to laugh or cry. No one dared to laugh, or else they would definitely offend a lot of people.

The netizens who were watching the live-stream kept scrolling through Weibo as they did.

“The people who once called Lu Man out for being attention-seeking, are you guys all right?”

“Han Zhuoli is just crazy about pampering his wife and is overbearingly protective of his wife!”

“He did not speak a word back then because it was not convenient to disclose his relationship with Lu Man. Now that they’ve gone public, Han Zhuoli is on a roll, dishing out insults non-stop.”

“Oh my gosh, from the moment they went public tonight up until now, our CEO Han has not stopped once in dishing out insults. He started off with the very first Zhang Lun, and up until now, he doesn’t even let the netizens who mocked Lu Man before off. This kind of solid wife-protecting style, I like!”

“CEO Han is too cool! AHHHH! How cool! How can there be such a good man on earth?! Lu Man is really way too lucky!”

“Only Han Zhuoli would dare to directly name people in a live-stream. The next time Han Zhuoli names someone, can the production director just cut to show the face of the person, please? I really want to see the expression on that person’s face!”

“2333, you’re so wicked! But I can tell that Han Zhuoli is really angry. He should be. His wife had been bullied, yet he could not openly defend his wife previously. Now that they’ve gone public, he has no need for reservations. CEO Han is bent on venting his anger all at once!”

“Openly naming and shaming people in the live-stream seems strangely cool of him.”

“Keke, those who say that Lu Man did not rely on Han Zhuoli, are you guys for real? Even if you believe that, I won’t believe that Lu Man did not receive a single bit of help from Han Zhuoli.”

“Yeah, just like last time, when Greedy Wolf Operation and Fighting Hero were up against each other, and when Red Tiger was up against Attack Force, the Han Corporation refused to give the opposing film showtimes. You call this Lu Man not relying on him? Keke, how would Lu Man have gotten such good results otherwise?”

Online, there were those who congratulated Lu Man and Han Zhuoli, but there were also those who kept dissing Lu Man.

Negative opinions kept surfacing as well.

At the awards ceremony, Fang Jialin smiled and said, “Today can be considered a very memorable day. This is the first time Young Master Han and Lu Man have appeared in public together, and it’s also the first time they officially announced that they are married. It is very much an honor to be able to witness this at this event right here.”



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