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(Sudden Bad Feeling)

“Then are you going to disown your daughter?” Cen Mengqing refused to believe it.

“Dad! Don’t disown me, Dad!” Xia Yixin started to panic.

She did not know how to do anything. If she got chased out of the house, how was she going to survive?

Xia Zhancheng said with a cold look on his face, “You should stay outside for the time being. I will send you a sum of money, but you must live a low-profile life outside. Since we need to tell the Han Family that we have already kicked you out, if you live too good a life outside, it won’t pass muster. It will show that we are playing with the Han Family and will only make them even more angry. Hence, this money can only let you survive, but it won’t give you a good life.

“Also, I will give you only one sum. As for when you can come back to the Xia Family, that is hard to say. You need to wait until the Han Family’s anger has dissipated. As to when that will be, that is hard to say as well. Hence, you better spend this money frugally. You won’t know when you’ll be able to come back,” Xia Zhancheng said. “When the Han Family’s anger has cooled down, you can naturally come back.

“But let me warn you: if you can’t keep your cool and go about flaunting again then let the Han Family know, you really don’t need to think about coming back anymore. The money that I’m to give you right now will also be the last. I, Xia Zhancheng, really don’t need a daughter like you who will only cause trouble for me. Without you, the Xia Family might even be better off. We’d still acknowledge you and help you, and I still think of you as my daughter, but if you don’t even care about the Xia Family’s survival, I also won’t care about you.”

Xia Yixin stammered. “I… I know.”

“And you,” Xia Zhancheng said, warning Cen Mengqing. “You’re not allowed to send her money in secret. In times like these, you must be clear about what you should do and what you should not do. If you let your heart soften, you will pay for it with the whole Xia Family. Until then, you won’t be able to give her money even if you wanted to!”

Cen Mengqing could still discern their priorities at this time and immediately agreed.


The next day, when Han Zhuoli got up from bed, Lu Man got up as well.

“Isn’t your class in the afternoon?” Han Zhuoli asked as he put on his tie.

“Yeah. Are you going to the family home now?” Lu Man asked him as she got up.

Han Zhuoli nodded. “Such a big thing has happened. I have to give the elders an explanation. Although this is Big Brother’s family affairs, as the next heir, I cannot stay out of this.”

“I’ll come with you.” Lu Man got off the bed. This was why she woke up so early.

“I can’t act as if I don’t know about this matter either.” Lu Man walked over and smoothened his collar and tie for him. “I’ll come with you.”

Han Zhuoli did not want to pull Lu Man into this at first.

But what Lu Man said made sense. Han Zhuoli thought about it and agreed.

Both of them had a light breakfast and went to the family home together.

When they arrived, Lin Liye was already there with Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuofeng. Han Dongping was there too, his face pale and stiff. He sat far away from Lin Liye and their two sons.

They had not yet told the elders what happened, but judging from their expressions, the two elders knew it was not something good.

Now that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had come as well, Old Mrs. Han exclaimed, “Aiyo!” and asked, “What brings the two of you here as well?”

“You’re here,” Han Zhuoling greeted.

Han Zhuoli nodded and Lin Liye said, “I called your dad and mom, they should be here soon too.”

No one should be left out of such a huge matter; they should all know.

Han Zhuoli nodded and brought Lu Man to sit down at the side.

Old Mr. Han had a sudden bad feeling and asked, “What exactly happened? Zhuoli, Man Man, both of you know too?”

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