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Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling were not like him who would show their expressions on their face.

The two brothers both had a very reserved nature and did not really express their feelings strongly.

However, he knew that both of them would support each other.

If Han Zhuoli was not already sure of it but just lacked evidence, he would definitely not have mentioned it.

After his rage, Han Zhuofeng started to calm down.

“I understand.” Han Zhuofeng nodded and said solemnly, “I won’t say anything until I get the results. Leave my elder brother’s side to me. I will get it for you.”

Han Zhuoli nodded and agreed.

Han Zhuofeng left and was still thinking about this matter.

Actually, it was not strange for their family not to notice.

Han Zhuoling busied himself with work every day and did not have much time to look at his child.

Xia Yixin was constantly hovering around Han Linkai as well. Whoever went over to take a look, she would get so anxious as if someone was going to infect her child with some illness.

When this happened far too many times, no one would want to go over for her to kick up such a fuss.

It was as if her child was that cute…

Han Linkai was born when Xia Yixin was in Europe.

When he was just born, none of their family members had seen him.

During the New Year, Han Zhuoling would bring Xia Yixin and Han Linkai back. Lin Liye would naturally be happy and wanted to kiss and cuddle her grandson, but Xia Yixin would always stare at them from the side and be anxious all the time, never leaving a step.

It was as if she was afraid Han Linkai would be thrown out of Lin Liye’s arms.

Lin Liye felt really uncomfortable because of that. No matter how much she liked her grandson, Xia Yixin’s behavior made her unable to raise her spirits no matter what.

When they were in Europe, given Han Zhuoling’s workaholic nature, it was all the more likely that he was not at home for the whole week.

Could Han Zhuofeng hope that his brother could sense the uncanniness in his child?

He probably did not even have a strong impression of what Han Linkai looked like.

As for Han Dongping, aside from himself, he could see no one else. There was no point pinning hopes on him.

Han Zhuofeng suddenly paused. So, could the reason why Xia Yixin kept Han Linkai under such a tight watch be that she was overly anxious for her son and simply feared that other people would notice the uncanniness?

Han Zhuofeng was in disbelief. Could it be that Xia Yixin actually hoped for the Han Family not to notice it for the rest of their lives?

That was impossible.

The child was still young, so it was not obvious.

It was probably because they could not see the wood for the trees. The people closest to them would not look at those details.

Moreover, this was accidentally discovered by Lu Man.

When Han Zhuofeng returned home, Lin Liye asked in astonishment, “Why did you come back?”

She did not mean to be surprised. It was really because Han Zhuofeng was just like Han Zhuoling, a workaholic.

When he was not at school, he would bury his head in his work studio and not go home.

It was rare that he actually came home this time. How could Lin Liye not be surprised?

“I have nothing on today, so I came back to take a look. I haven’t been back in a long time.” Han Zhuofeng sat beside Lin Liye, put his arm over her shoulder, and said, “Why, are you unhappy that I’m back?”

“I’m happy.” Lin Liye smiled and said, “It’s because you rarely come back, that’s why I’m surprised. How long are you going to stay this time?”

“Hey, what are you saying? My work is mostly in B City, it’s not like I’m away for most of the year. Why would you ask how long I’m staying for?” Han Zhuofeng hugged Lin Liye around the shoulder and said, “I’m staying for dinner tonight. Mom, make something nice for me tonight.”

Although she was born into a prestigious family and even married into the Han Family, Lin Liye had never been a pampered Missy. She would personally cook for her two sons from time to time.

As for Han Dongping?

He was always busy outside, so he naturally would not get to eat it.



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