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(Sowing Discord in Our Family)

Both Han Zhuofeng and Han Zhuoling were home tonight.

When Han Zhuoling received Han Zhuoli’s call, he went to Han Zhuofeng’s room to tell Han Zhuofeng about this.

Han Zhuofeng almost went crazy.

That day, when he went to get Han Linkai’s and Han Zhuoling’s DNA tested, he was already fuming with rage.

With ample evidence this time around and with Han Zhuoling in the know, Han Zhuofeng almost exploded with anger.

Yet Han Zhuoling remained so calm and composed, as if he was not the one involved in this.

Han Zhuofeng did not know how to vent his anger.

He came out together with Han Zhuoling.

Lin Liye and Han Dongping already went back to rest. Both of them knocked on the door to wake Lin Liye and Han Dongping up.

Lin Liye came out in her pajamas with a sleepy face and asked, “What’s wrong? It’s the middle of the night.”

Han Zhuofeng did not know how to explain it to Lin Liye.

As for Han Dongping, he did not even want to look at him.

Xia Yixin, that slut, was picked by Han Dongping.

Han Zhuofeng only felt tired having such a father like that at home.

“Mom, Xia Yixin is having an affair and was caught by my brother on the spot. He is sending someone to bring them over now,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“Isn’t your brother here?” Lin Liye did not react fully and asked Han Zhuoling, “You went out tonight?”

“It’s Zhuoli,” Han Zhuoling said. “He caught Xia Yixin and her lover.”

“Wait, what did you just say?” When Lin Liye was listening to Han Zhuofeng just now, she was not fully awake yet. If she was, she would not have mixed up Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling.

Hearing Han Zhuoling’s words now, she became wide awake and her body started breaking out in a cold sweat.

Lin Liye even wondered if she was still dreaming.

“You didn’t hear wrongly. Xia Yixin is having an affair,” Han Zhuoling said calmly. “She should be on the way here now.”

Lin Liye only felt her head spin as she clutched her forehead and her body started swaying.

Han Dongping quickly supported her, but Lin Liye pushed him away.

Xia Yixin, that daughter-in-law of hers, was chosen by Han Dongping.

Look at what she’d done now!

Han Zhuoling did not like her and his marriage was not blissful.

Lin Liye always felt that as long as Han Zhuoling liked his wife only just a little, perhaps he would not put all his energy on work.

Hence, Lin Liye had always hoped that Han Zhuoling could find a person he truly loved.

It was so he could put his heart on something else rather than focusing all his energy on work like a robot.

However, he still married Xia Yixin in the end. Han Zhuoling’s life did not undergo any good change.

It was fine if Xia Yixin was willful; she could just bear with it as a mother-in-law.

However, Xia Yixin actually betrayed her son and did something so disgusting!

This disgusting person was found by Han Dongping.

Lin Liye would even feel disgusted whenever Han Dongping touched her now. She would rather lean against the side of the door than let Han Dongping support her.

If not for Han Dongping, Han Zhuoling’s life would not be so horrible!

How could his marriage be such a mess?!

She had such a fine, outstanding son, yet he had been humiliated by that woman!

Even if they get a divorce, Han Zhuoling would not have trouble finding another wife.

However, the reason for his divorce would not sound good at all. No matter what, he would still become a divorcee. His wife’s position would still have been once occupied by a slut like Xia Yixin.

It would leave a stain in his life.

Han Zhuofeng immediately supported Lin Liye. “Mom.”

He also could not be bothered with Han Dongping.

How could Han Dongping not sense his wife’s disdain for him? His face turned pale and he said, “Could there be some misunderstanding? You believe whatever Han Zhuoli said? He might be spouting nonsense to sow discord within our family.”

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