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(Weren’t You Very Good at Talking Just Now? Continue Talking)

After Lu Man said that, the three of them finally reacted.

“He’s way too shameless!” Zheng Yuan said as she spat angrily. “He’s in a bad state himself so he doesn’t want others to do well.”

At that moment, Zhuang Tingting said, “Didn’t Lu Man snub The Performer for having insider tricks? But doesn’t she rely on Wang Juhuai herself? When it comes to herself, she turns it into something different.”

Zhuang Tingting’s voice was loud enough for everyone in the classroom to hear.

Lu Man would not indulge in that bad habit of hers, so she walked straight towards her.

This cheap habit of Zhuang Tingting would show itself to try and establish a sense of presence even when Lu Man did not bother her.

Now that Lu Man had walked over directly, Zhuang Tingting started to feel weak.

Zhuang Tingting stared at Lu Man anxiously and said, “What… What do you want?”

“Weren’t you very good at talking just now? Continue talking,” Lu Man said as she raised her eyebrow.

Zhuang Tingting retreated a little before she gulped and said with a thick skin, “Fine, I’ll say it! You relied on your relationship with Wang Juhuai to get the award. This is also considered taking the backdoor route. It’s not a fair competition. Why are you still pretending?!”

Lu Man coldly said, “The nomination name lists for all the award categories in the film festival have yet to be published, much less the ultimate winners of the awards. Aside from the judges and the organizers, no one else knows. You are really something, huh? You actually knew the results beforehand?”

“I…” Zhuang Tingting immediately clutched her neck and said, “Don’t spout rubbish, I don’t know anything.”

“You don’t know, and you dare to say that I got the award on behalf of the film festival organizers?” Lu Man laughed dryly. “You are really something. Forget about how the nomination rounds are not confirmed, but even if I really got through to the nomination rounds and won the award, you’re saying that I relied on my connections? Where is your evidence? Just because Wang Juhuai is my father, all my achievements must be attributed to him? I give you full marks for such a logic! My previous achievements were all attained because of my own effort. At that time, Wang Juhuai was not my father yet. I dare to say this because I have the capability!

“If you have evidence of me taking the back door route and getting the award through unfair means, show it and publish it as you please. If you don’t have it, shut up and stop spouting rubbish!” Lu Man glared at her icily and said, “Do you have it, the evidence?”

Zhuang Tingting bit her lips tightly.

Of course she did not have the evidence. She just wanted to tarnish Lu Man’s name.

Anyway, it was so obvious that she had such a prominent backer like Wang Juhuai. Only a fool would not use him!

Was Lu Man a fool?

Of course not.

Zhuang Tingting was just judging others based on her own standards. She felt that if she had such a huge backer, she would feel as if she was about to fly up to the sky. This had to be the same for Lu Man.

“You don’t, so shut up,” Lu Man said coldly. “You are the one trying so hard to cozy up to someone powerful. Don’t judge others based on your own standards.”

When Lu Man finished talking, she went back to her seat and did not bother about Zhuang Tingting anymore.

Zhuang Tingting could not take it lying down and said in a small voice, “You don’t even let me say it, you clearly have a guilty conscience.”

Zhang Xiaoying glared sideways at Zhuang Tingting.

If she was so capable, she should say it loudly instead of muttering there by herself.

The news online was all about how Liang Chengbing did not think well of Lu Man.

Even for the Best Newcomer Award, the support was the strongest for Fu Kaiqi. With Liang Chengbing’s interview, Lu Man had been kicked out of the picture.

Of course, there were some reporters who might have had the intention of stirring drama and wanted to come and interview Lu Man. However, Lu Man asked Hu Zhonghui to help turn them down.

When it was Saturday, Han Zhuoli went with Lu Man to buy a gown.

“I will be attending the film festival as well to represent the Han Corporation. Big Brother will be going too,” Han Zhuoli said.



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