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(Stop Harboring Hope)

Didn’t she also not make any trouble for Lu Man?

So then, why did Lu Man make trouble for her?!

“Dad, I know I did wrong, I know I did wrong!” Xia Yixin regretted all that she had done as she hung on to Xia Zhancheng’s leg even if he might beat her to death. “Dad, I’m regretting it so, so much!

“I never liked him either, I just wanted some excitement. I just felt that Han Zhuoling’s always neglecting me, so I had to find some comfort in Chen Zefeng. When I was pregnant, I didn’t know Chen Linkai was his kid. I didn’t know that! I only realized it after he was born.”

Because Chen Zefeng did not have detached earlobes.

Both she and Han Zhuoling had detached earlobes. She completely blanked out then.

Reality crashed down on her so hard. She never even remembered that Lin Liye also had attached earlobes, just identifying Chen Linkai as Chen Zefeng’s son straight away.

“Dad, I’m really sorry! I never wanted a divorce, never! If I get another chance, I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Even if Han Zhuoling neglected me, I’d live as Mrs. Han honestly. Dad, I’m wrong. I did wrong, Dad.

“Mom, help me, help me tell Dad!” Xia Yixin turned to Cen Mengqing, crying.

She raised her head again, face full of snot and tears. “Dad, if you don’t want this child, then I don’t want him either. I don’t want him anymore! Deal with him in any way you want!”

Xia Yixin had always been a selfish person, unwilling to bear any responsibility.

Nothing matters as much as her own happiness.

She never had any maternal feelings or love for this child. All the concealment before was also to not expose her misdeeds.

Now that this child might be in the way of her getting a happy life, she would obviously shake him off in any way possible.

Without a single hesitation, not sparing even one second of love or the slightest unwillingness to part.

“Dad, you said that the kid shouldn’t remain in our house, and you’re completely right!” Xia Yixin said. “I know I made a mistake, I’ll listen to you from now on. We’ll… we’ll think of a way to make it up to the Han Family. I didn’t divorce Han Zhuoling willingly.”

Xia Zhancheng found it ridiculous. Based on her past record, what man would agree to reconcile with her?

“Stop harboring any hope for the Han Family!” Xia Zhancheng recalled how much benefit he gave to Han Dongping before he agreed to the marriage alliance with the Xia Family and having Xia Yixin married to his son.

And now, even before he got his returns, Xia Yixin got kicked out.

And it was all Xia Yixin’s fault, such that the Xia Family was in the complete wrong.

Incensed, Xia Zhancheng kicked Xia Yixin away.

Xia Yixin felt as if her shoulder was dislocated. Cen Mengqing was furious too, but she cared for her daughter more. Hence, she hurriedly grabbed Xia Zhancheng. “Zhancheng, she can’t bear it if you hit her any more than this. Now that things come to this and cannot be returned to what it was, it’s better to think of how to deal with the Han Family’s anger.”

Xia Zhancheng took a deep breath and looked towards Chen Zefeng, who stood by the side.

“The Xia Family doesn’t want the child. Take him and deal with him however you want,” Xia Zhancheng said, then took out a check and wrote down a string of numbers. “This is three million, enough for you to raise a child. Take the child away and the money’s yours. If you don’t, you get nothing.”

Chen Zefeng looked at the child and then looked at the check before finally accepting the check.

Xia Zhancheng said, “Take the check and bring the child back to Europe. The Xia Family has no relations to the child from now on. You and Xia Yixin will have a clean break and have no more contact whatsoever. You’re also not allowed to see her anymore.”

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