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(Why Are You Reacting So Strongly?)

“Alright, what do you want to eat?” Lin Liye smiled and said, “We have everything at home.”

“Multi-layer steamed bread and braised rock sugar pork trotters,” Han Zhuofeng said, immediately placing his food order.

Lin Liye laughed. “What a coincidence. There’s everything at home except for pig trotters. I’ll tell the auntie to buy it.”

Lin Liye stood up and went to call the auntie.

The smile on Han Zhuofeng’s immediately fell.

Even with such a gentle mother around, Xia Yixin still did not know better and always made Lin Liye angry.

“Zhuofeng is back?” Xia Yixin came down, saw Han Zhuofeng, and gave him an unconvincing smile.

With Han Zhuoli’s words on his mind, Han Zhuofeng felt that Xia Yixin looked even more suspicious now.

“Is Linkai sleeping?” Han Zhuofeng asked.

Xia Yixin smiled and said, “Yeah, he’s sleeping in the room. Don’t you go in and disturb him.”

Han Zhuofeng was speechless. Was she that scared of people looking at him?

He knew that Xia Yixin kept wanting to let Han Zhuoling return to Europe as she said that she was no longer used to living in the country.

However, it now seemed like the real reason was hard to say.

“I’ll just take a look at him, I won’t disturb him,” Han Zhuofeng said with a smile. Without waiting for Xia Yixin to say anything, he had already stood up and started going upstairs.

There was no use even if Xia Yixin wanted to stop him, so she could only follow behind him.

Han Zhuofeng started to carefully observe Xia Yixin’s reaction. The more he observed her, the more he felt that Xia Yixin was being suspicious.

He still had his doubts about Han Zhuoli’s guess, but his doubts towards Han Zhuoli were becoming smaller and smaller.

When he reached Han Linkai’s bedroom, he saw Han Linkai sleeping soundly in the cot.

Han Zhuofeng wondered if it was his psychological reaction, but the more he looked at him, the more he felt that Han Linkai seemed to really not look like the Hans.

He was to blame for not taking a close look at his nephew in the past either.

Han Linkai was sleeping soundly with his mouth open, and his saliva drooled out from the corner of his mouth.

Han Zhuofeng stretched his hand over, making Xia Yixin exclaim in a hushed voice, “What are you doing?”

Han Zhuofeng glanced at her strangely, “Linkai is drooling, I’m helping him to wipe it.”

He observed Xia Yixin and said, “Why are you reacting so strongly?”

Xia Yixin smiled faintly and said, “I’m just scared that you will wake him up. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not being disdainful of you. Nowadays, Linkai likes kicking up a fuss before sleeping. It’s not easy to coax him to sleep whenever he’s feeling sleepy and he will just keep crying. If he is woken up from his sleep, he might just bring the roof down with his cries. It won’t be that easy to coax him to sleep again.”

Han Zhuofeng smiled and stretched out his finger to gently wipe the saliva off the side of Han Linkai’s lips.

His actions were very gentle and he did not wake him up.

Han Linkai was still sleeping soundly.

Han Zhuofeng smiled and said, “See, I didn’t wake him up from his sleep. Since you’re so worried, I won’t stay here any longer.”

He left the room after that.

Xia Yixin heaved a sigh of relief as she stared at Han Linkai, who was sleeping soundly in the baby cot.

Han Zhuofeng went downstairs into the kitchen and took out a small glass bottle from the cabinet.

He wiped Han Linkai’s saliva that was on his index finger inside the glass bottle and sealed it in a bag.

He then went to the washroom and placed Han Zhuoling’s toothbrush into a bag.

After thinking about it, he took out a new toothbrush and put it in the cup in case Han Zhuoling discovered it.

Han Zhuoling can be a little careless about these things anyway.

He would probably think the auntie in the house changed his toothbrush for him.

The moment Han Zhuofeng took the toothbrush and the bottle that had Han Linkai’s saliva, he said to Lin Liye in a hurry, “Mom, I’ll head out for a while first.”

“Why are you going out again? Are you coming back for dinner, then? I’ve already asked the auntie to go and buy the pork trotters,” Lin Liye shouted from behind him.



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