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(You Deserve a Scolding)

That was why she never felt that it was inappropriate for the Han Family to directly stand up for Lu Man to protect her from the gossip in her school even before Lu Man married into the family.

When Lu Man came to visit with Xia Qingwei, Old Mrs. Han only told her and Han Zhuofeng and did not tell Han Dongping.

She knew clearly what her own husband was like, so she could understand.

When she came with Han Zhuofeng, she was very polite towards Xia Qingwei and Lu Man as well. Whenever they needed help, she was always willing to help and support them. This was all because she had been influenced by the two elders, as well as by Han Xijin and his wife.

The people she cared about was probably not Han Dongping, but the people in this big Han Family.

With all these people in the Han Family around, what was Han Dongping even?

Lin Liye lowered her head to hide the redness in her eyes.

She did not like to say words of gratitude to fit the occasion in situations like these. However, Old Mrs. Han saw her reaction.

Old Mrs. Han liked Lin Liye’s personality.

Although she would not say it, she would always keep it in her heart and remember the good you did.

This kind of people was much better than those who would only pay lip service but not keep it on their minds.

The less they said it, the more they remembered it in their hearts. This was how people really remember the good you did.

Those who only know how to pay lip service but never keep your good deed in their heart would always placate others with words and even think themselves to be smart for doing so.

Old Mrs. Han simply loved people like Shen Nuo and Lin Liye.

One was straightforward and spoke her heart, but with good intentions.

The other did not really know how to talk, but they would remember the good you did for them in their hearts.

Yet in times like this, someone had to try to prove their existence.

Han Dongping said in a low voice, “Dad, Mom, we don’t need to do this, right? It’s just the marriage problems of a child. Why would we need to activate a clan order? Using the whole power of our clan, isn’t that too serious? It’s not such a big deal to begin with.”

Lin Liye turned to glare at Han Dongping immediately.

The two elders aside, even Han Xijin and Shen Nuo, who were only Han Zhuoling’s uncle and auntie, knew to feel the injustice on Han Zhuoling’s behalf. They did not have any opinions about Old Mr. Han’s decision and were super supportive of it.

It was actually Han Dongping, the father, who felt that protecting his son like this was not worth it, that they were kicking up a big fuss over nothing.

“Dad, Mom, and Zhuoling’s Uncle and Auntie all know that we should protect Zhuoling. You, as a father, actually felt that the grievance Zhuoling suffered is not a big deal?” Lin Liye’s eyes reddened as she questioned him. “Han Dongping, is it that in your eyes, aside from yourself, all other matters are unimportant?!”

Han Dongping scolded her, “What nonsense are you saying?! What kind of attitude is this?!”

“What’s wrong with her attitude, you say? I think Liye’s attitude towards you is considered polite!” Old Mrs. Han already wanted to scold Han Dongping when she heard the ridiculous things that Han Dongping had just said.

It was just that Lin Liye beat her to it first.

However, Old Mrs. Han did not think that Lin Liye did anything wrong by saying that of Han Dongping in front of them.

Han Dongping simply deserved a scolding!

“Just how did we teach you from the time you were young?” Old Mrs. Han asked. “Members of our family cannot be bullied. As long as we did no wrong, if outsiders dared to bully us, even if they only bullied one person in the family, all of us must unite and bully him back on behalf of that one person!

“The Han Family shields our shortcomings, but we are also reasonable people. We want to twist together to form a rope—to unite and work together. The strength of the Han Family is something that outsiders would never dare to underestimate. This was never because of our family’s assets, or because we have deeply-rooted and closely-intertwined relations with the eight great families. The most important thing is the unity of the Han Family.” Old Mrs. Han stared squarely at Han Dongping with her clear, sharp eyes.

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